Silver Arrow DARTER
Silver Arrow DARTER

Silver Arrow DARTER

For the first time the existence of a multi-purpose UAV Darter Silver Arrow Israeli company announced at the Paris Air Show in 1995 year. The main objective of this drone is the observation and investigation of the transfer of data on-line or subsequent transfer. In addition, Silver Arrow Darter can be used for tasks meteorazvedki, rap, simulation purposes and for civilian tasks to monitor background radiation and environmental monitoring of wildlife and forests.

Structurally, the UAV is a monoplane with a 38 horsepower pushing piston engine. At the request of the customer, the device can have additional equipment. The classic set of equipment includes an ESP-600C thermal imager, a Tadiran MKD 2000 TV-infrared system, an ESP-1H optoelectronic complex, a Controp FSP-1 survey system, including an ESWS video camera.

Silver arrow DARTER. Characteristics:

Modification   Darter
Wingspan, m   4.26
Length m   3.62
Height, m  
Weight, kg  
  Fuel   18.20
  Payload   22.70
  maximum take-off   100
engine's type   1 PD UEL AR 741
Power, hp   X 1 38
Maximum speed km / h   204
Cruising speed, km / h   92-139
Radius of action, km   92
Flight duration, h   to 10
Rate of climb, m / min   457
Working height, m  
  Minimal   915
  maximum   5485
ceiling   6100


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