Silver Arrow HERMES 180
Silver Arrow HERMES 180

Silver Arrow HERMES 180 

Hermes 180 is a multipurpose reconnaissance drone created by Silver Arrow (Israel). It is designed for reconnaissance, patrolling, observation and adjustment of fire support. It was made from composite materials, which complicates the process of detecting the drone by enemy air defense systems. For observation and reconnaissance, Hermes 180 was endowed with a set of equipment from Elbit Systems: infrared and electro-optical sensors, a data transmission system, a laser rangefinder. The UAV can perform both controlled (by radio) and autonomous flight. The device is launched using a catapult mounted on a car, or an unprepared runway.

For the first time Hermes 180 was presented in 2002 at the Asian Aerospace aviation exhibition. Since 2003, it has been supplied to foreign customers and the Israeli Armed Forces. 

Silver arrow HERMES 180. Characteristics:

Modification   Hermes 180
Wingspan, m   6.00
Length m   4.43
Height, m   1.80
Weight, kg  
  empty   150
  maximum take-off   195
engine's type   1 PD UEL
Power, hp   X 1 38
Maximum speed km / h   194
Cruising speed, km / h   162
Radius of action, km   110
Flight duration, h   to 10
Practical ceiling, m   4575


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