Automatic targeting. New prospects for military aircraft.
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Automatic targeting. New prospects for military aircraft.

Automatic targeting. New prospects for military aircraft.


Military aviation must be constantly improved, and this applies not only to aircraft and helicopters that are guarding the country's borders, but also to the technologies and equipment used. Modern science perfectly contributes to this, and therefore any steps directly lead to ensuring the maximum efficiency of any military aircraft. In fact, it is still very early to talk about the creation of aircraft and new weapons, since, in fact, the current weapons potential is quite sufficient to cope with any enemy, however, it is far from always enough to have a formidable weapon in order to resist group or groups of the enemy.



The concept described below, in the opinion of the author himself, will make the guidance of guns and missiles of any military aircraft 99% successful, which in turn will most likely allow hitting air targets even at remote distances, without direct visual contact.

As you know, aircraft produced under the same model have absolutely similar shape and dimensions, which in turn makes it possible to identify any object in the field of vision. Thus, the principle of operation of the future sighting system is based on the fact that a three-dimensional model of any object is loaded into the on-board computer of a military aircraft, regardless of whether it is an aircraft or a helicopter, in particular, it can be any potential enemy military aircraft. , which in turn will allow the computer to quickly establish the type of object, and, according to the existing program, aim guns or missiles according to the identified class, taking into account the range, speed of movement in space, etc. Whatever position the air object is in, the computer will be able to accurately determine its type and affiliation, based on the current position, the dimensions of the target and its contours. In reality, there is nothing complicated in the new aiming technology, however, in a similar way, the target will always be in the sight of the pilot of a combat aircraft, which in turn will make it possible to fire as accurately as possible, regardless of whether the enemy is in front of the pilot, or also performs the evasion maneuver.



The advantages of the new technology targeting are obvious:


  • The pilot of the aircraft have instant information on the location of enemy aircraft;
  • There is no possibility of losing the goal;
  • There is the possibility to fire at the enemy, even if he is outside the line of sight (adapted tools will simplify this task even more);
  • It is possible to cause damage to the enemy, even if he is far away, at the expense of the existing radar and the characteristics and parameters of the object.



Among other things, during air combat pilots do not have to be distracted by pointing guns - a pilot to control the aircraft should be, and the system will automatically install itself pointing guns at the target, including in a pre-emption, which is typical for close air combat. In addition, given the fact that the on-board computer of military aircraft can independently define the purpose, there is no chance of opening fire on friendly aircraft or civil aircraft under random circumstances.


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