System "Geksotor": innovative development of designers in Russia and the EU

The steady position of moving objects is the most important factor in the reliability of devices and the safety of people. This circumstance poses all the new challenges for companies of all countries. They were successfully decided by a group of Moscow and Berlin engineers. Invented system "Geksotor" designed to solve the problem of rotation, fixation and stabilization of an object in space, regardless of climatic conditions and interaction with the external environment. The process of patenting an invention and Brand Gecsotor ™ in Russia and abroad is completed, all rights to the invention are protected.

What is it for

Systems responsible for the stable position of the vehicle on land, in water, on air, regardless of the weather, are extremely important for any machines and assemblies. And not only in the field of transport: such mechanisms will certainly be in demand in various sectors of the national economy - mechanical engineering, oil refining, and energy. The system developed by scientists is designed for objects of any mass with a large moment of inertia, which, as a rule, is the most frequent problem in the management of an object.


The system “Geksotor” is supposed to be introduced into such important areas as astronautics, aircraft building, operation of airplanes, helicopters, UAVs, construction of bathyscaphes, submarines, ships. There is the use of innovation in robotics. There will be no extra Gecsotor ™ when used on ground transportation: the system allows you to control the vehicle in any weather, even with strong wind, in a blizzard and ice, ensuring the stability of vehicles and the safety of people.

System advantages

The invention should be considered as an independent phenomenon, which will find application in everyday life. One more indisputable advantage is that the development of Geksotor can serve as a starting point for the improvement and modernization of existing control systems. In this regard, it perfectly integrates into well-known schemes, allowing you to create the necessary add-ons for traditional mechanisms that increase their reliability and safety. The invention is based on the interaction between power plants due to the accumulation or loss of kinetic energy, using the effect of a gyroscope. Due to the leverage effect formed, where the lever is an object, the required action, a maneuver, is performed.

How can you avoid tipping the car with a side skid? Due to what will be able to achieve a stable position of the aircraft, the watercraft during the bad weather? How to securely mount the mast, antenna, high-rise structure, without fear of turning over? The answer to these questions is given by the Gecsotor ™ system, a patent for which testifies to the novelty of the discovery, the revolutionary nature of the invention, and the scientific and practical value of this development.

Perspectives of application

The bright prospects for the use of the Geksotor power system are visible to the naked eye. The invention will help solve many problems. Among the most important are the inadmissibility of the peak, the possibility of take-off and landing of aircraft with wind and icing, which will reduce the number of accidents in the air. The integrated scheme will improve the performance properties of unmanned vehicles, airplanes and helicopters with outdated characteristics and complex stealth geometry.

Equally important is the development of Gecsotor ™ when used on water transport. The system will allow to maintain the course even in conditions of poor visibility, in a storm and storm. For motorists, the discovery will also be a pleasant surprise: an integrated development will allow to maintain stability when turning, correctly distribute the load between the axles, will enable the driver to feel confidently behind the wheel in all weather conditions. And this applies not only to passenger cars, but also trucks, buses, motorcycles.

Let's say security is YES

The installation of a vehicle stabilization power system is an obvious breakthrough in improving the reliability of the units and ensuring the safety of people.

The market for the implementation of the Geksotor system is unusually large, and according to calculations, only one direction is calculated by the number of zeros and billions.

There is no doubt that the Gecsotor ™ system will occupy an important place in the life of every person, one way or another connected with technology.