A tracking system for disasters. Development of German scientists.
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A tracking system for disasters. Development of German scientists.

A tracking system for disasters. Development of German scientists.


Safety of flights, primarily determined by the state of air equipment and the qualifications of the pilot, however, this does not always justify itself, because in the event that the aircraft has a number of problems in its management and operation, unfortunately, even an experienced pilot is unlikely to To avoid catastrophic consequences. Disasters sooner or later occur, and it is clear from the news of aviation that it is not always possible to find a crash site in time, which in turn reduces the probability of finding possible survivors to zero. Not so long ago, the leadership of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) made a statement according to which the aircraft tracking system should send a signal about the current state and position of the aircraft to a special server, which in turn should reduce the search time for the crash site, Thereby increasing the likelihood that it will be possible to rescue someone among the disaster victims. Nevertheless, experts consider this insufficient, since taking into account the fact that in 15 minutes planes fly about 200-250 kilometers, and also taking into account various errors, the search radius can still remain quite large.



Nevertheless, engineers from Germany are currently testing a special device that will determine the current state of the aircraft and establish the current location of the aircraft with an accuracy of 1-2 kilometers. The signal will be sent to a special server, where it will be processed by the developed program, and if no information about the aircraft is received within 60 cycles (5 minutes), a notification will be automatically sent that something is wrong with a certain aircraft. So. It is assumed that the new development will reduce the search area of ​​the crash site to several tens of kilometers, and in addition, it will make it possible to constantly monitor hundreds of aircraft, which in turn will increase flight safety.



It is expected that the new tracking device will pass the final test before the beginning of 2016 years, after which, it is possible that these "beacons" to be installed on aircraft dozen airlines in the world, and perhaps it is this development will allow, if not to protect the aircraft from the air crash, then at least give a chance to find possible survivors.


Kostyuchenko Yuriy specifically for Avia.pro

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