GTD system for "electric" aircraft
GTD system for "electric" aircraft

GTD system for "electric" aircraft



Monitoring of the STP operation is carried out by measuring the fuel pressure and temperature at the engine inlet, at the inputs to the high-pressure pump and into the fuel dispenser, in the combustion chamber manifolds, the maximum pressure drop across the filters, fuel consumption, fuel system operating time (total and step-by-step) . To diagnose the technical condition of pumps in operation, signals can be used about the degree of contamination of the fuel filter, as well as information obtained by means of vibration sensors of the pump housings and fuel pressure pulsations at their output using probabilistic statistical methods for predicting the residual resource.

In modern aircraft for its various systems used three sources of energy - hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical. The presence of numerous hydraulic and pneumatic communications reduces the reliability of the systems, an increase in size and weight units, complex and costly maintenance.

Improvement of these indicators is possible when replacing hydraulic and pneumatic systems by electric air. Such an approach is realized in perspective developments by creating a "fully electric" aircraft and an "electric" GTE (EGTD) for it. At the same time, new requirements are laid for the construction of the electric system of the aircraft: the consumption of electric power is increased, to reduce the mass of electrical assemblies and communications, the voltage of the on-board network is increased to 270. 540 В, on the engine it is necessary to place the power generator of the Increased power, to provide work at a changing frequency of rotation of the generator,

The concept of an "electric" aircraft assumes the use of electrical energy in all aircraft and engine systems. These include the air conditioning system and the anti-icing system, the hydraulic drives of the flight control bodies, the brake system and chassis release control, the traction reversers, etc., are replaced by electrical ones. The main sources of energy on the "electric" aircraft are the starter generator built into the GTE And, if necessary, an additional generator, which is expediently installed directly on the shafts of the motor rotors, and as power actuators in systems using Electric drives based on non-contact electric motors are used.

"Electric" auxiliary SU produces only electrical energy. Air for aircraft needs from it is not shown, which also helps to improve the performance of the auxiliary SS.


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