Control systems on the fluidics components GTD
Control systems on the fluidics components GTD

Control systems on the fluidics components GTD



High reliability of such systems due to their insensitivity to such actions, and the lack of moving parts.

Work inkjet elements based on the interaction of fluid flow (gas). Ink components allow you to perform many of the functions and logic operations. Their performance is determined by the speed of sound in the gas and, although it is lower than in the electronic devices, but is sufficient to control the individual circuits GTE. The speed of the jet at the sizes of the channel element of power and control 0,8 0,3 mm x is a few milliseconds.

Chokes. The primary element of the pneumatic controller is the throttle determines the flow rate and the gas pressure in the elements of the circuit and its mode of operation. The regulators applied the throttles.

Chokes types "nozzle-flap" and "valve-nozzle" contain two successive hydraulic resistance 2 nozzle and the channel between the end of the nozzle and the valve 1. The operation of this device depends on the flow regime of the gas within these elements. Combinations of modes, in both of which the elements identical subcritical or supercritical flow regimes in a single element or a subcritical mode, and in the other - is supercritical.

Jet air intake control system. One of the first jet ACS - closed-circuit system for controlling the position of the panels wedge supersonic OT - was developed in CIAM. This system provides a change in flow of air through EOI depending on engine operating conditions and flight mode. Driving such a management system in three versions.

In two of them, the ratio of the static pressure on the inner wall of the air intake duct to the total pressure in the oncoming flow € = pSt / p „is used as a control parameter. These are relay-type systems with a dead zone £ \ <€ p <where £ p is the calculated value of the pressure ratio.

In the third embodiment, control parameter is the local flow rate in the channel Mm.

The system provides correction control, depending on the flight mode on the sensor signals angles of attack (ROVs) and slip (CRS).

All schemes with the output of the controlled parameter outside the deadband inkjet logic block issues commands to issue or cleaning panels wedge depending on the sign of deviation.

To supply system used bleed air from the engine compressor or from the incoming stream. The accuracy of the automatic control system in the course of the wedge is ± 2,5% in the course of the wedge.


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