How many kilos of baggage can be carried in an airplane
How many kilos of baggage can be carried in an airplane

How many kilos of baggage can be carried in an airplane



Perhaps one of the most important reasons for concern tourists is, of course, luggage. Passengers heard a lot of stories when the suitcase was lost or lost with a long delay or, at worst, lost from the ends.

Many times, many have witnessed, when the registration of many passengers forced to pay more for the advantage of their luggage. Therefore, in this article we will talk about what rules apply when flying with luggage.


General aspects of transportation of baggage on the plane

It must be admitted that the flight completely without luggage - it is often a rarity. At a minimum, the passenger always has a hand luggage, a handbag or a laptop. The bulk of the things on the way give up, of course, in the luggage. Do not forget about the airline received the standard free baggage allowance. In addition, each company sets its own individual rules, if some free air carriers shall in luggage cargo to 30 kilos, the other for such weight would have to pay extra.

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All companies, except for a just loukostery, permit free transportation of one place for economy class customers, but its maximum weight varies and often is from 20 and 23 to kilograms, overweight with separately.

It should be noted that for each child up to two years, which does not have a seat, allocated about 10 kilos of free baggage.

The weight of one piece of baggage, based on the rules of international airports, should not exceed, as is customary, 32 kilograms, so if the total weight of the passenger's belongings exceeds the specified norm, then you will need to buy a ticket for the second seat, spending a decent amount of money. True, this mainly applies only to economy class customers, since most airlines for first and business class passengers automatically provide tickets with two baggage pieces.

In order to avoid unpleasant situations require additional coordination with the staff of the company, for example, by phone.

Traveling alone, many passengers tend to use the following trick: instead of to take all their belongings in two bags, they put it all in one. It is understood that while baggage one place higher than normal, but does not exceed the total allowable weight for two persons.

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But if you become familiar with airline rules, the association is prohibited luggage companies.

On the other hand, it often happens that in one bag that weighs more than the free baggage allowance, but less than the ceiling in 32 kg, do not require a fee. It depends directly from the employees themselves aviation companies whose services you use, as well as the rigor in the observance of the established rules and do not forget about the union longshoremen, who dictate their conditions to the maximum weight of the suitcase.


Carry-on baggage rules

Hand luggage is a personal thing, the size and the weight of which does not exceed the norms imposed by airlines and placed on board an aircraft, at the same time presenting a threat to passengers.

Regarding the weight of hand luggage, it is often characterized by the majority of airlines - someone 5-10 kg, some 15.

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The rate of transportation of hand luggage directly depends on a certain class:

  • one seat in business class, "President", "Premier". Weight is up to 15 kg, the sum of the three geometric dimensions - 115 centimeters.

  • One seat in economy class. The weight of hand luggage should not exceed 10 kilograms, and the sum of measurements is 115 centimeters.

Regardless of this, in addition to carry-on baggage may include things such as coats, handbags, bag with a camera or laptop, plaid and orthopedic appliances.

These things are not respectively weighed at registration, tags are not marked, respectively, and are not made out.

A separate point is also the fact that many passengers buy tickets for flights at once from several airlines that have a code-share agreement. It should be understood that a code share does not mean that the rules for the carriage of baggage will be identical. In this case, it is better to familiarize yourself with the baggage transportation norms of both airlines, so as not to accidentally overdo it with weight.

Baggage allowance for airlines in demand among Russian passengers.



Economy class

One place up to 23 kilograms and dimensions of all three geometric measurements up to 158 centimeters are provided free of charge. As for the size of hand luggage, they must be up to 115 centimeters and weigh up to 10 kg.

In business class free of charge up to two places 32 kilos and dimensions - 158 centimeters. For hand baggage the passenger baggage permitted to 15 kilograms and the sum of the geometric dimensions to 115 kg. Heavy baggage weighing more than 32 kg, but within 50 kg, as well as oversized baggage, the sum of the measurements is more than 203 centimeters, it is carried out only with prior consent and with the carrier.

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economy standards

The company provides a place free of charge weighing up to 23 kilograms and dimensions in all dimensions no more than 158 centimeters. In this case, hand luggage within 55 × 40 × 23 cm and weighing up to 8 kg.

The business-class passenger gets a free luggage space 2 32 to kilograms and dimensions - 158 centimeters. For hand baggage allowed luggage to 8 kilos and dimensions up to 55 40 × × cm 23.



In economy class, the client receives 1 piece of baggage free of charge up to 30 kilograms in the “low” season and up to 20 kilograms in the “high” season. As for hand luggage, its weight should be within 7 kilograms and dimensions up to 55 × 38 × 20 centimeters.

Business class standards are in 1 free seat up to 40 kilograms. For carry-on luggage, the company provides two pieces of up to 12 kilograms. To calculate excess baggage, you need to go to the official website of the company.



economy standards lie in the fact that the free of charge on international flights one place to 25 20 kilos and kilos in domestic. Standards hand luggage - one object sizes × 23 40 55 × cm and weighing up to a kilogram 8

In Business Class passengers enjoy a free baggage up to 30 kilogram weight. About the hand luggage weight it should be within 8 kilograms and the sum of measurements to 23 40 × × 55 centimeters. can be found on the official website of the tariffs that are in excess of the established norms.

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 In Economy Class, one free seat is provided, the weight of which can be up to 1 or 2 kg, depending on the distance of Area 15 and 23. Baggage dimensions - 203 cm. The passenger also has the right to take carry-on baggage on board. Its dimensions should be up to 25 × 45 × 55 cm and weigh up to 8 kg.

Business class standards are 2 free seats up to 32 kilograms, each piece of luggage up to 203 centimeters in size. For hand luggage - two pieces with a total weight of 12 kilograms.


S7 Airlines

In economy class are such standards:

"Basic Economy"

Paid baggage is valid, 1 piece up to 23 kilograms is provided.

"Flexible Economy": a passenger has one free seat up to 23 kg, the amount of x-3 geometrical measurements - up to 203 centimeters. Hand luggage is normal - until 10 kg and parameters to 55 40 × × cm 20.

In business class 1 free seat weighing up to 32 kg. Carry-on baggage is limited to a maximum size of 55 × 40 × 20 centimeters for each of two pieces and a total weight of up to 15 kilograms.


Ural airlines

On promotional rates remain baggage, free of charge can only hand luggage 10 kilogram weight.

Economy class rates - 1 free seat up to 23 kilograms. The passenger has the opportunity to take carry-on baggage with him weighing up to 5 kg and dimensions of about 55 × 40 × 20 centimeters.

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In business class 1 ensure a free place on the tariffs of the "Business Light" and "Comfort Light" up to 32 kg, and two seats on the tariff "Business Comfort" in 32 kg. Carry-on baggage is limited to two seats no larger than 55 40 × × 20 centimeters each, and up to 15 kg. If the rate of "Economy" the weight of hand luggage on partnerships directions reduced to 5 kg.



Paid transportation operates at the "Light" tariff.

Standards in economy

Free of charge is provided in economy class 1 for weight up to 23 kilogram. Hand luggage - up to 55 × 40 × 20 cm and weight up to 10 kg. 

In business class free of charge up to 2 32 place kilogram. The company provides for the hand luggage dimensions 2 place no more than 55 40 × × 20 cm each and a total weight of up to 10 kg.



Among the tariff «Light» - bezbagazhny. The passenger has the right to take only hand luggage to 8 kg.

In economy class act such rules - one free place dimensions to 158 centimeters and a weight of up to 23 kg. The dimensions of hand baggage × 55 35 25 × cm, weighing up to 8 kg. Also, there are overpaid for the advantage or the size of the excess (up to 203 cm).

The business-class operating standards - 2 free space dimensions up to 158 centimeters and a weight of up to 32 kg. The dimensions of hand baggage limited 55 35 × × 25 cm and weighing up to 8 kg.



A client is provided free of charge with one piece weighing up to 23 kilograms and dimensions of geometric dimensions of baggage - 158 centimeters. The dimensions of hand luggage on these airlines will be no more than 55 × 35 × 25 cm and weighing up to 12 kg. One accessory is allowed (briefcase or laptop sleeve or handbag).

In business class passenger is free to 2 32 place kilograms and dimensions - 158 centimeters. Norms of cabin baggage - 2 18 place up to a kilogram, as well as dimensions of up to 55 35 × × cm 25 permitted and one accessory..



The company has bezbagazhny rate.

Economy class standards - one free 90x75x43 cm and a total weight of no more than 23 kg. Carry-on baggage parameters (1 piece) no more than 56x45x25 cm, weighing up to 23 kg.

In business class, free of charge, two pieces are provided, weighing no more than 32 kg each, as well as with dimensions up to 90x75x43 cm. Hand baggage - 1 piece with dimensions no more than 56x45x25 cm and weighing up to 23 kg.

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What can be carried in hand luggage

According to the rules of airlines for the carriage of hand luggage limit the passage of various liquids, creams, toothpastes, deodorants, sprays, gels.

Subject to certain conditions, in hand luggage is allowed to take a certain amount of these substances:

  • fluid or other substance is required to be packaged in the container of not more than 100 milliliters;

  • all funds must be put in a plastic bag, the volume of which does not exceed 1 liter;

  • one passenger has the right to be among the items of hand baggage only one this package;

  • packages must be transparent and closed "zipper."

The exception is in this case only baby food, which almost always need feeding during the flight, and medications, can not do without during the flight. All companies allow their transportation in sufficient quantity that provides airlines rules. However, they should be opened and thoroughly checked the staff at the checkpoint.

To avoid unpleasant situations, it is better to take care and find a list of banned items to be carried in hand luggage. These items are best left in the cloakroom or to hand over the luggage.

Allowed to purchase a variety of drinks, spirits or other liquids after passing baggage checks. But it is worth remembering that they should, if necessary, be packaged and sealed on board the aircraft or in DutyFree store.


How not to overpay for luggage

As much as it may sound ironic, but the best way - it does not take too many things. But as you know, it does not always work. Extra kilos in baggage - sometimes quite significant losses for your budget. Can this be avoided?

There are several actions that will help save your budget:

1. When buying tickets, read the established rules for free baggage transportation and try to take this into account when packing your suitcase.

2. It is best to weigh your luggage at home. This can be done even on conventional floor scales and the difference between your total weight with luggage and the weight without luggage, respectively, is calculated. This will avoid the hassle of the airport.

3. If, nevertheless, you find that the weight is not correct, take out things that you can put on yourself. Of course, not much, but your suitcase will become lighter. Pockets can also help out; it's enough just to put small but heavy objects in them. Do not forget that many items that are quite heavy, such as telephones, cameras and related accessories, can be taken in hand luggage. It should be noted that small but heavy items can be placed in a laptop bag.

4. First, check the weight of your luggage, then pack it in a plastic bag. This is necessary in order to save time on repackaging.

5. Sometimes it is much cheaper to buy the necessary shampoos, toothpastes, gels, and sunblock immediately on the spot than to pay extra for them in the form of excess weight in your luggage.

6. To save on luggage, you can use a good service - buy food, drinks, and souvenirs at DutyFree.

7. Try to limit yourself to a travel bag or suitcase, which in terms of size and weight will fit the definition of "hand luggage". This will allow you to avoid many procedures, for example, baggage check-in or waiting for it. In this case, your luggage will definitely not be lost.

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8. Experienced travelers claim that about 50% of things do not return home.

9. Light luggage, in fact, is not only money saved, but also a great opportunity to travel in comfort.


Baggage and loukostery

Low cost airlines sometimes have not only the lowest rates, but also cunning enough baggage rules. The bottom line is that per unit passenger will have to pay no matter how much it weighs a kilo. Also, a variety of low cost airlines in matters of fees for baggage manifest many fantasies.



Free transportation in economy class: one piece of hand luggage weighing about 7 kilos and dimensions up to 56 45 * * 25 centimeters, as well as handbag or laptop bag with a package of DutyFree or business portfolio. Total weight - up to 10 kg.

Carry-on baggage allowance for business class: 2 pieces of luggage with the same dimensions and weight, up to 15 kilograms each. In economy class, paid transportation is paid a little in advance, this applies to baggage weighing up to 20 kilograms. To transport excess baggage weighing up to about 40 kilograms, all issues must be resolved in advance with the carrier. A piece of baggage must not be more than 75 × 55 × 35 centimeters and weigh more than 32 kg. You can check in up to three pieces of baggage in the paid weight allowance for the desired flight.



AirBerlin is not a low-cost airline in its purest form: they have the opportunity to pay for baggage in advance, as well as already at the airport (JustFly). There is also a free baggage option - one unit up to 23 kilograms in economy class (FlyClassic and FlyDeal) and 32 kilograms in business class. FlyFlex + entitles passengers to carry two pieces of baggage free of charge. Fee for overweight from 23 to 32 kilograms: 50 euros one way (FlyDeal, FlyClassic and FlyFlex +) or from 65 euros (JustFly).



EasyJet has the following baggage rules: it is allowed to take only 1 piece of carry-on baggage with dimensions of 56 × 45 × 25 centimeters in the cabin. Additionally, you can take a laptop bag or handbag with you, free of charge. This service can be used by members of partner programs. The passenger pays for regular baggage when buying his ticket, while the weight of the baggage must not exceed 20 kilograms and the sum of all three dimensions - up to 275 centimeters. It is possible to pay for additional kilograms of transportation, the maximum weight of luggage should then be 32 kilograms. When paying online for an overweight, a small amount is paid per kilogram (on the website the weight is in increments of up to 3 kilograms), it will be more at the airport. When traveling together, for example, the total weight up to 40 kg can be divided into 18 and 22 kg.


Loss of luggage

Sometimes it happens very unpleasant situation, linked to the loss of things. If you lost your suitcase at the airport, you should not go out of the arrivals area, notify the representatives of baggage tracing service. Often issued a written request for a search of luggage, you need to have pribagazhny ticket and a ticket for the flight, as well as the obligatory identification. After that, the passenger is issued a special certificate, which indicates the file number, after which you can track the progress of the search items on the airline's website.

The search for baggage, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, is carried out within 21 days, after which the airline's client can claim compensation for the loss of baggage. Compensation, according to international agreements, is about $ 20, while the calculation is for 1 kilogram of luggage. But it is better to check the amount and conditions directly with the airline employees. When contacting air carriers directly, you can count on payments of about 600 rubles per kilogram of baggage, according to the rules of some international airlines, the amount of compensation increases.

In the event of damage to luggage or the loss of individual items, you must immediately contact the airline employees, having a ticket with a baggage ticket with you. It should be noted that the deadline for filing an application for theft or damage to things is 7 days. Passengers are required to provide an accurate description of the belongings, and the compensation, as before, is the mentioned amount of $ 20 per kilogram. In the case when all the checks for lost things have been preserved, then it is quite possible to count on a full or partial refund of their value.