How many meters altitude aircraft in height and in length
How many meters altitude aircraft in height and in length

How many meters altitude aircraft in height and in length



In the history of aviation by different designers had created many different versions of lethal devices (LA). They differed in almost everything from how to use the dimensions and finishing. At different times it has been established such types of aircraft as a missile, airship, balloon, gyroplane, helicopter, UAV, glider and hang glider. But the most outstanding and considered a variety of aircraft.

From a structural point of view is divided into civil aviation (general purpose and commercial), experimental and state (military aircraft and various special services). Of course, all models have different dimensions that affect the principle that the rate and duration of flight. Please find the biggest and the smallest aircraft in the world.

How many meters in height the height of the aircraft and dlinu1


In civil aviation there are the following items:

  1. Airbus A380, or as it is more commonly called "flying giant". This double-decker aircraft is considered to be the largest passenger aircraft. The height of the liner is 24 meters, wingspan - 80 m and length -. 73 m Due to such size can fit on board 555 passengers without a team, and charter option - 853 passenger. However, his impressive size of the aircraft is considered to be very economical. For three passengers on 100 km spent only 3 liters of fuel. Above the model we worked about 10 years and spent about 12-and billion euros.

  2. Boeing 747-8 - double-decker widebody airliner, created by the "Boeing" company. It is believed by the representative of this long series. Length of the plane is 76,25 meters, wingspan - m 68,45 and 19,35 height. The first flight took place in February 8 2010 years.

How many meters in height the height of the aircraft and dlinu2


  1. Airbus A340-600 - another generation, created by designers of the company "Airbus". Two-class configuration aircraft can seat about 420 passengers, three-class - 380. It has the following dimensions: the wing - 63,45 m, height - 17,22 m, length - 75,36 m.

  2. Boeing 747 - this giant for 35 years retained primacy among the largest airliners. He was the first to fly direct from London and sit in Sydney (1989 year). All the distance he flew a little more than 20 hours. Its length is 70,6 m, its wingspan is 59,6 m, and its height is almost 19,5 m. Although the Airbus 380 has displaced it at the moment, the aircraft is interesting because it has many modifications, including in military aircraft. 

  3. Boeing 777-300ER - occurred on Boeing 747. With many innovations and modifications it is most economical among all large aircraft. The total length of 70,6 m, height - 19,4 meters and wingspan - 64,4 m.

  4. Airbus A330 - a very large airliner with a large number of modified versions. This wide-body passenger aircraft first flew in November 1 1992 years. LA Length of 58,82 m, and in A330-300 modification -. M Wingspan 63,69 - 60,3 m, height -16,90 m, and the model A330-200 - 17,39 m.

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  1. En-22 (Antaeus) - the largest turboprop aircraft, and at the same time the first Soviet wide-body. First flew in 1965 year. Fuselage length - 57,31 m, wingspan - 64,40 m and the total height is 12,53 m.

  2. The x-30-40-ies was the largest aircraft ANT-20 «Maxim Gorky." It first flew in 1934 year. Being established in a single copy of his fate was tragic. 18 May 1935, the plane crashed and the whole team, including 35 passengers were killed. In a series of aircraft has not arrived. Wingspan was 63 m, and the total length - 33 m.

  3. Hughes H-4 Hercules - the largest seaplane with the largest wingspan -. 98 m It was created during World War II. The aircraft developed for the rapid deployment of 750 Marines across the Atlantic, but he never once took off. At this point - this is the only instance of a long fuselage 66,45 97,54 m and m span wings.

  4. The biggest airplane in the world is the Ukrainian An-225 "Mriya". This jet carrier for the first time took off in the air 21 December 1988. The aircraft was designed and built in Ukraine at the Kiev mechanical plant named after Antonov. The project was conducted by Tolmachev VI At the moment there are two copies, of which only one is in the flying state and is actively used. It began to develop because of the need to create an air transport system for the space shuttle Buran. This is the only aircraft in the world that is capable of: carrying bulky cargoes weighing up to 250 t; Transport within the continent without additional landings 200 t cargo; Transport cargo of mass in 150 t between continents. The width of the largest aircraft, created in Ukraine, is 6,5 m, the height of the giant reaches 4,5 m.

How many meters in height the height of the aircraft and dlinu4


In addition to the largest aircraft having inspiring size and height, around the world were designed most compact and variants of aircraft.

  1. X-12h. Currently it considered the smallest aircraft of all models registered officially. Expert unit unassembled able to fit in a normal hand-bag. Length of the plane is 3,74 m, height - 1,55 m, weight - 55 kg and has a wingspan does not exceed m 6,31 LA developed DV Pavlovich.. On the X-12h he spent 25 years. The aircraft made in the Guinness Book of Records.

  2. FlyNano. Finnish single lethal device, the length of which is 3,8 m and a wingspan of no more than 4,8 m. At the same time he can lift into the air 113 kg. LA itself weighs about 70 kg. The engine is located above the pilot's chair. Due to lack of air in the chassis of the aircraft with the water rises.

  3. "Hornet" (Bumble Bee). Prior to 1984 years was considered the smallest plane. Its length was 2,92 meters and wingspan -. 2 m However, the weight of 248 kg plane can reach speeds - 290 km / h. The plane was designed and built by R. Starr.

  4. "Sky Baby". The American model was considered the most compact single-engine plane to the middle of 50-ies. Length - 3 m, weight - 205 kg. At the same time the aircraft developed a speed of up to 207 km / h. The main disadvantage of the aircraft was considered inconvenient administration, because the pilot is required in the supine position.

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  1. "Junior." Designed by R. Stitsom American aircraft was designed based on "Teylorkraft» L-2. Considered the smallest aircraft up to 1948 years. Length was 3,4 meters, wingspan - 2,7 m (in other versions - 2,8 m), could reach speeds of up to 240 km / h.

  2. CyberBUG «KiberZhUK". The phone weighs 1,5 kg, remote control. The main purpose is to military use - protection of ground troops and civilians from the air. Able to climb to a height of up to 150 km.

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  1. McDonnell XF-85 «Goblin." Length - 4,53 m, height - 2,56 m Military aircraft, which has the effect of slaughter.. Radius is 350 km and can attack the enemy two 12,7-mm machine guns.

  2. F / A-18A «Xopnet". American bomber, which occupies the first place in its class. This deck has a folding wing monoplane. Its length is 17 m and height - m 4,6.

  3. «GenerationTwo». The most striking example of a small plane that performs the transport function, is a French «GenerationTwo». It is equipped with a turbo engine and can accommodate up to 5-and passengers, including the pilot. Aircraft Length - 7,75 m, capacity - 1400 kg.

  4. Global 5000. Considered to be the smallest passenger aircraft developed by BombardierAerospace. It takes aboard passengers to 17 and travels 9630 km.   

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