How much can you take alcohol
How much can you take alcohol

How much can you take alcohol, alcohol on the plane



Almost every traveler before flying wonders: "How much can you take alcohol, alcohol on the plane?". Many passengers, after watching Hollywood movies, sure, that small amounts of alcohol can turn any flight в a very romantic adventure. But in practice, things are more prosaic. The control service of the company in some cases may not allow the client on board, as well as seize the available alcoholic beverages, or force you to pay a fine.

Based on the established rules for transporting alcohol on board the aircraft, airlines allow you to carry only one personal souvenir bottle of alcohol in your carry-on baggage. According to the norms, the volume of a bottle is no more than 100ml, as well as bottles that are bought in DutyFree must be sealed in a branded bag and have a receipt in a conspicuous place. Please note that purchases cannot be opened before arrival at destination. If you make, for example, a transfer in a Schengen state, then purchases from DutyFree must be strictly packed in your luggage.

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The norm for transporting alcoholic beverages to Russia for personal use per person is five liters. According to the rules, the strength of drinks should be less than 70 degrees.

This can be champagne, liquor, beer, or more spirits. Of these five liters, three liters are counted as a liter, regardless of where it was purchased. For example, you were presented with 1 liter of German OeTTINGER beer, and 4 liters of Martini were bought at DutyFree in France. Arriving in Moscow, you will have to pay for 2 liters, and you import 3 liters for free.

In order to import more than five liters of alcoholic beverages into Russia without unnecessary problems, the strength of which is less than 70 degrees, then they must be declared. The passenger must also keep the receipt for the purchase of alcoholic beverages and pay the excess duty, VAT, excise tax. In Russia, on domestic flights, alcohol with a strength of up to 24 degrees is transported absolutely without restrictions, but only by passengers who have reached the age of majority.

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Across the Ukrainian border, the permitted standard rate for the transport of alcoholic beverages is a liter of vodka, five liters of beer, and two liters of wine. There is no specific framework for the export of alcoholic beverages.

Directly in each country has its own rules, which are often corrected and amend, so they need to clarify just before departure in the customs code.

Alcoholic beverages can only be imported to Finland if your stay in this country is more than 72 hours. It is strictly prohibited to import wine or alcohol powder into the territory of this country.

Also, for example, alcoholic beverages can only be imported to Germany by customers over 17 years old, and taken out by passengers over 18 years old. It is worth noting that if you are entering Germany from outside the European Union, then you can safely import a liter with a strength of more than 22 degrees, or two liters, the strength of which is less than 22 degrees. If you are planning to enter Germany from a European Union country, then the rules are completely different. They will amount to about 90 liters of beer or wine, or 10 liters of strong alcohol, free of duty.

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Aeroflot Airlines does not allow its customers to carry alcoholic beverages stronger than 70 degrees. So, bought rather strong alcohol is either confiscated and disposed of, or you will have to drink it quickly so that the acquired good does not disappear. But you need to take into account the fact that in this case you will not be allowed on the plane because of the excess in blood ppm of alcohol.

When you travel around the world, remember that in the United Arab Emirates, even a package of alcohol bought in Duty Free cannot be easily carried along the street - the peculiarities of the mentality of the East.

For example, in Singapore, you can import one liter of alcohol of any strength, without duty payment.

In the Maldives, it is strictly forbidden to legally import alcohol, even bought at DutyFree. If the customs office finds out that the tourist has brought alcohol of any kind, then it will be confiscated, safely stored until your departure and will be returned only upon departure. Also, during customs inspection, all filled bottles are checked for smell. 

The rate of import of alcoholic beverages in Thailand is one liter of spirits.

In Cuba, the tourists after the rest of the country is allowed to export only 2 bottle (po750ml) quite familiar to all Roma Santiago or any other alcohol.

For violation of the rules, namely the illegal import of alcohol, all tourists threatens confiscation of these products, a large fine and criminal liability.


How to avoid trouble during transportation of alcohol?

The first step is to determine the order, how you plan to carry alcohol. Some pass the alcohol in the luggage compartment, and someone takes it with him for fear of the safety of fragile containers.

It is recommended that a few days immediately before departure, carefully read the rules for the carriage of alcohol at the selected air carrier, so as not to waste your nerves at the airport. On the companies' website you can always find the necessary information on how to transport alcoholic beverages on board.


What is the rate of transport of alcohol within

Tourists who are interested in the question whether it is possible, when dealing with domestic companies, to carry alcohol in the luggage of the aircraft may be absolutely quiet. This method of transport of alcohol is the most simple.

At the moment, the following norms for the carriage of alcohol are relevant:

  • aircraft passengers over 21 years of age can freely transport an unlimited amount of drinks, provided that the alcohol strength is less than 24 degrees;

  • every passenger who has reached the age of majority, can carry on board the aircraft of not more than 5 liters of alcohol beverages with strength 24-70 degrees;

  • Russian company "Aeroflot" prohibits their clients to transport alcohol strength 70 degrees or more.

Summing up the above information, we can conclude that some of the framework for the carriage of alcoholic beverages across the territory of the Russian Federation applies not only to the fortress, but also to the size of the luggage.

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It is worth noting the fact that sometimes the transportation and delivery of luggage is carried out not too careful, and packaging is often an alcoholic drink is broken. If obvious signs of damage to your luggage missing, the apparent damage to the reimbursement should not count.

Customs regulations. Rules alcohol beverage transport on international flights

On the territory of foreign countries customs rules, which control the transport of alcoholic products, often differ. Firstly, it all depends on where you want the traveler. To view the current regulations can be a tour operator that organizes trips or directly from airline employees.

Regarding the EU, they will be set to the requirements for transporting alcoholic products. Airline passengers are able to take with you on board the aircraft one thing from the selection below:

  • one bottle of any alcohol on the fortress;

  • two liters of alcoholic beverages, which are 22 degree fortress;

  • four liters of wine products;

  • 16 liters of beer products.

It is worth noting that if alcohol-containing products were purchased outside the European Union, then during a transfer in one of the countries of the Union, alcoholic beverages will be withdrawn by the airline employees.

I would like to add that most of the European countries are known for their very refined, as well as high-quality alcohol, so everyone will be able to fully enjoy their taste during their trip.

Also, many often ask the question: "How much alcohol can you carry in the luggage compartment of an aircraft, returning from abroad to Russia?" Due to the fact that Russia has entered the Customs Union, the following norms have come into force:

  • the total amount of alcoholic beverages carried in the volume should not exceed, according to the rules, 5 liters. Otherwise, all alcoholic products will be seized.

  • Without any problems you can bring up to three liters of alcohol without customs payments. For additional 2 liters of alcoholic products, you have to pay customs duty airline.

Only one liter of alcoholic beverages, the strength of which may exceed 22 degrees, and also 2 liters of alcoholic beverages, less than 22 degrees, are freely allowed to be exported from the Russian Federation.


Recently, Egypt has been a popular tourist route among Russians. In this country, our compatriots can safely take 1 liter of alcoholic products, the strength of which will be over 22 degrees, and 2 liters of weak alcoholic products (up to about 22 degrees).

An important point is that alcoholic beverages are always transported by plane only in their original packaging!


How to pack a drink on the plane

To avoid broken bottles on board the aircraft, each alcoholic products must be individually wrapped. There is also another important rule. Compulsory alcohol that you carry in order to avoid problems at the airport for inspection must have original packaging. Alcoholic products should be required label, labeling, as well as the excise duty.


Alcohol in luggage

To begin with, it is worth ensuring the safety of the bottles on board the aircraft before checking in alcoholic beverages with other items. It is enough to use special packaging, which does not take up much space, or, in order not to take too much with you, move the bottles with your soft things. But such a fairly simple way of stacking alcohol bottles will be appropriate for a small capacity of alcohol. In other cases, it is advisable to ask at check-in to check in your baggage as fragile.

In practice, a very controversial issue related to shared luggage: the total weight of a suitcase is not always divided into several passengers, the same is the case with alcohol. In order to import 6 liters of alcoholic beverages duty-free for two people, it is necessary to separately register luggage for each person before leaving the country. Important! Try to check in advance all the details of baggage processing using the hotline of the particular airline.

When you use the services of airlines within the country, there are no customs limits for passengers, but you need to pay attention to the specifics of airport requirements. Various airlines allow packing alcohol in baggage within the free allowance. Such a cargo, as everyone understands, will be fragile, and therefore it is processed accordingly. Passengers are advised to agree with the company on all conditions for the carriage of alcoholic beverages a few days before departure.

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Drink in hand luggage on the plane

The carriage of alcoholic beverages by air in the cabin of an aircraft is subject to the same rules as to various other liquids. The volume of the sealed alcoholic product is up to 100 ml. Each passenger can transport no more than 10 bottles of these bottles. Bottles with alcohol must be packed in a bag up to 1 liter with a fastener.

It is also best not to feed passengers to carry alcoholic drinks for personal use on board the aircraft. In such antics always imposed a strict ban airlines.

In these situations it is better not to break the rules, it's easier to use the standard services of airlines: because alcohol on board the aircraft, you can always order from the flight attendants.

DutyFree alcoholic drinks on board

When purchasing alcoholic drinks at the airport, in DutyFree stores, you have the opportunity to transport them in the aircraft cabin, with rare exceptions, in excess of the weight of your hand luggage. At the same time, the volume of the alcohol container can exceed the standard limit for transporting liquids of 100 ml. Regarding the general restrictions on the export and import of alcoholic products, they remain the same: in other words, for example, when traveling back home from Russia, the total free limit for the transportation of alcohol with you is no more than 3 liters.

To transport alcoholic beverages on board the aircraft, bottles from DutyFree, according to the rules, must be packed in a special bag with the store's brand name. This package cannot be opened to the point of destination: not only, for example, on the plane, but even during the transfers that you make. An unpacked bottle from DutyFree will be strictly forbidden to carry with you on the next flight.

However, it is not always convenient to shop at DutyFree: of course, no questions arise if this is a direct flight, but if you are traveling with transfers, you will have to pay attention to the customs regulations of the country where the transfer is made and the air carrier.

It is not recommended to buy alcoholic beverages at the very beginning of the flight outside the Schengen zone, for example, if suddenly on the route of your travel at the airport of the EU countries, security is expected, then when going through security you will most likely be asked to transfer alcohol from the cabin to your luggage. Very similar requirements apply in the United States: alcoholic beverages are not prohibited in the cabin of the aircraft, but on condition that the drinks are bought only in the American Duty Free.

Definitely, you should pay attention to the conditions for the carriage of hand luggage, as well as purchases from DutyFree when you travel by low-cost airline or buy your ticket at a promotional rate. For example, on the international routes of Pobeda Airlines, you will still have to pay for the package from the DutyFree store. Only customers of international flights have the opportunity to purchase alcoholic drinks in the duty-free shop, since there are no DutyFree shops in the terminals of domestic airlines.

Use of alcoholic beverages aboard aircraft

This question is very relevant for many tourists. Basically, all questions that are related to drinking alcohol on board the aircraft can only be found out from the employees of the airline, or by visiting the official website of the airline. There are air carriers that have strict prohibition on board their aircraft, but it is not prohibited to purchase alcohol directly from flight attendants. Special connoisseurs of alcohol, get ready right away that the assortment of alcohol is unlikely to please with its variety. Also, if the employees of the company feel a certain need, they can freely refuse to sell alcohol to the client.

Each physician, who must be guided by professional ethics, often will tell you that by drinking alcohol beverages on board of the aircraft should be abandoned. After that he may graciously added that as an exception, you can afford a small amount of red wine or light beer.

The main thing is not to forget that when you rise to a height of more than three kilometers, the effect of alcohol on the human body increases dramatically. In this regard, when you start celebrating a trip on board the aircraft, do not forget that it is enough to limit yourself to a third of the usual used rate.


Personal alcohol in the cabin

For commercial reasons, and safety standards on board the plane, most airlines have imposed a strict ban on the use of passengers own alcohol. If you have decided to cheat and violated the commodity packaging of alcoholic beverages from the store DutyFree, then definitely at the exit of the aircraft it will cost quite a decent penalty.

There are a huge number of rules that apply to the transportation of alcohol by plane. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to sort out a number of questions on the topic “to carry or not to carry”.

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1. First you need to decide you are traveling abroad or simply depart the country. In fact, this is very important, because if you use the services of airlines within the country, the customs rules you do not play any role. His attention need only be paid to the rules and regulations of the air carrier.

2. When you fly abroad, you need to check and apply all customs regulations to your alcoholic beverage in order to be unequivocally sure that you will be allowed into the aircraft cabin along with alcohol. Also, do not forget about the customs regulations of the country to which you are flying, whether it is possible to import alcoholic products there.

Thus, we have dealt with many of the features of transportation, as well as drinking alcohol on an airplane. Try not to forget that excessive drinking at great altitude slows down breathing, and also causes a lack of oxygen in the human body. Be careful with alcohol, and your flight will be definitely safer! 

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