How many passengers transports Aeroflot?
How many passengers transports Aeroflot?

How many passengers transports Aeroflot?



- Let's move on to the cluster, which deals with services and service. In 2011 year, "Aeroflot" transported more than 14 million passengers. For us it is a record. Tell me what the maximum strip for "Aeroflot"? How much you can carry passengers in a single calendar year?


- In 2008 year we had a record 8,2 million passengers. In 2011 year we have really reached a new record. To be precise - is 14,2 million passengers. "aeroflot"Does not stop there. First of all, we have to build up their capacity. By 2025 year we want to enter into the top five companies in Europe and get in the top companies in the world 20. Who chose this trend of "Aeroflot". 14 million passengers are carried only "Aeroflot". As a group of companies, we already transport more than 22 million passengers a year. That's a lot for Russian companies. But this is nothing compared with Western carriers. When we talk about "Lufthansa"No one thinks that it is composed of 16 airlines. «Lufthansa» - is a holding company. And something like that, we're trying to build here in Russia on the basis of our assets. So if we want to compete with foreign airlines, the power of "Aeroflot" is necessary to increase from year to year.


Unfortunately, there are several bottlenecks. The first is infrastructure. In Russia, it is very far behind not only the development of Aeroflot. The level of our entire aviation industry is ahead of the level of infrastructure. For example, our company gives about 20% growth annually, and the infrastructure is at a standstill.


The second bottleneck is the shortage of pilots. This is constantly being said, but this problem hinders the development of not only Aeroflot, but also any other Russian airline. Eliminating these two bottlenecks will allow Russia to get much more passengers. We have a big country. But for the population to move, it is necessary to develop the industry, as well as to improve the standard of living of people. 


General Director of JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" Saveliev Vitaly Gennadievich.