How much time to go to the airport Pulkovo
How much time to go to the airport Pulkovo

How much time to go to the airport Pulkovo: distance, location



Pulkovo Airport is approximately 15 km from the very center of St. Petersburg. It works mainly with domestic flights, and also accepts some charter and international. You can get to the airport by public transport, by regular bus or minibus, by taxi. When a person is planning a trip, it is important to him how long it takes to get to Pulkovo airport.

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How much time to go to the airport Pulkovo. The choice of transport

  1. Bus. From 5.30 to 1.30 from the Moskovskaya metro station to Pulkovo there is a bus, flight number 39. The travel time in the morning or evening is about 25 minutes, but during rush hours 35-40 minutes. The interval between the two buses is approximately 12-20 minutes. The stop is easy enough to find. You need to get off through the Northern entrance from the metro station “Moskovskaya” and follow the signs “Bus to the airport”. We'll have to go through an underground passage and at the very end go up the left staircase, it leads directly to the bus stop. The advantage of the bus is that the ticket is quite cheap (28 rubles), in addition, you can purchase a separate ticket for luggage.

  2. Taxi. K39 minibus repeats the bus route number 39. His work begins with it and goes up to 6.00 1.00 with a short interval in rayone15-20 minutes. Time spent on travel is 25 minutes. He stops in front of the bus stop near the metro station "Moskovskaya". Fare - 37rubley. The ticket for the luggage is exactly the same. If you want to place a very cumbersome luggage, it is better to choose an ordinary bus.

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  1. Taxi. This transport will always take you quickly and comfortably. The cost of the trip is much more expensive. For example, from the southern part of the city it is about 500 rubles, from the central regions - 900 rubles, and from the northern part - 1200 rubles. If you intend to take a taxi from the airport, it is better to call a car by phone, it will be cheaper. At the airport itself, transport is more expensive.

  2. Personal car. To get to the airport on your own car, you need to go along Pulkovskoe highway. When driving from the ring road there will be two turns: the right one on Pulkovo-2, and then the next turn on Pulkovo-1, the one you need. The car can be left in one of the parking lots. All parking lots that are located next to the terminal are paid. Free only 15 minutes, designed for boarding or disembarking passengers. An hour in such a parking will cost 500 rubles. There is an opportunity to use the daily parking. The price will be 450 - 1200 rubles per day. A little further from the terminal there are free parking spaces, but they are unguarded. There is no transport connection between the terminals, transit passengers are transported for free.

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Also, periodically you can find taxis, express trains, which go around the clock between the airport and the central part of the city. However, the ticket price was about 200 rubles, because this bus is not in great demand, and as a result of the route was closed. Unfortunately, during the night from the airport can be reached only by taxi or by private car.

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Thus, to the question "how long does it take to get to Pulkovo airport?" the answer is simple - it all depends on the area from which you need to get, and transport. Everyone chooses the most convenient option for themselves.

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