Ambulance helicopter
Ambulance helicopter

Ambulance helicopter

The life of the sick person is sometimes dependent on the minutes and seconds. Timeliness of medical care contributes to a favorable outcome of the disease. Do I need surgery or if you want to give the patient a certain medication, the effect of these events the more significant, the faster they will be held.

Here, the possibility of the helicopter open up broad prospects for its use. With the help of a helicopter the patient can be taken away from any place and delivered directly into the yard of the hospital. If the patient can not be transported, then by helicopter to the patient can be delivered to the doctor with the necessary tools and medicines. According to the operative in this regard with the helicopter can be compared only to the plane, but the plane can not always be ensured as an opportunity to take-off and landing opportunity.

Helicopter for the transport of patients has one - two seats for lying, and a physician with his first aid kit. Light stretcher, strengthened fuselage, can be rapidly removed from the helicopter.

Ambulance helicopter 2

Ambulance helicopter

During the fighting helicopters can be widely applied for the mass evacuation of the wounded from field hospitals in close proximity to the front lines, in stationary rear hospitals.

In this case, it can be used helicopters equipped with much larger number of litters to 12 or more. This field hospital may be in the woods, in the gorge. Helicopter quite small clearing to sit down, pick up the wounded and take off.

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