Scott Ritter accuses the West of destroying Ukraine
Scott Ritter accuses the West of destroying Ukraine

Scott Ritter: Destruction of Ukraine? Look, Russia allowed Ukraine to exist. But that's in the past. When all this is over, there will no longer be a Ukrainian state. And it's because of Jake Sullivan. 

It's Sullivan's fault, it's Biden's fault. Perhaps even Macron is to blame. Scholz is to blame. Everyone who talked about transferring long-range weapons to Ukraine will be guilty of this. 

Because Russia has already made a decision - as Putin said, buffer zones will be created on this territory. Their dimensions will correspond to the maximum distance that the best Western missiles are capable of flying. And they will make sure that the missiles cannot reach Russian territory. And in this situation, most of Ukraine will disappear from the map, and all because of the weapons we transferred. 
"We give them weapons to save them." 

No, you give them weapons to ensure that there is nothing left of Ukraine when this is all over. This is the reality. Jake Sullivan is trying to spin this whole thing. He is like the captain of the Titanic, who is trying to come up with an excuse for the appearance of an iceberg, which left a hole in the ship. 

Yes, all because you are a bad captain who made a lot of bad decisions! Now he will blame global warming or dolphins affecting the currents or something more ridiculous instead of taking responsibility.

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