weakness pilot
Weakness pilot. Scientific terms of aviation.

Weakness pilot. Scientific terms of aviation.


But there are also cases when a person knows what to do, but-for this he lacks willpower, purposefulness. For example, in a frontal attack, he had previously given up nerves than the enemy. This is not a crime or a mistake, but a weakness. If the behavior is carried out in an unknown situation, the wrong action can be either an error or a breakdown. The action is a delusion when a person does not know that the situation has changed and is guided by a misconception about it, for example, in the case of a non-signaled failure or error of another crew member. Action is a breakdown when a person does not have a clear idea of ​​the situation and he tries to clarify the idea of ​​it with the help of trial actions.

To determine what type of action is made necessary an investigation of this particular incident, including a psychological analysis of consciousness and the will of man; his thoughts intentions experiences.

So that the wrong action could be a mistake, it is necessary that the person who committed this action, had the freedom (otherwise the action is forced or spontaneous). In this case, it should adequately assess the current situation (otherwise it would be a mistake), to know what action is in this case the right (otherwise this test), have the mental strength to carry it out (otherwise it will be a weakness), do not take responsibility for it (otherwise This action is a crime). An error is a deviation in the implementation of those procedures of professional activity that a person was able to do correctly, could perform correctly and had the intention to perform correctly, and yet he can not be accused of dishonoring his duties (otherwise it will be a misdemeanor).


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