Morels Alexander Pavlovich. Biography. Fighting. Photo.
Morels Alexander Pavlovich. Biography. Fighting. Photo.

Сmorchkov Alexander Pavlovich. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Awards. Photo.



Born Alexander 29.11.1919 in a peasant family in the village Chekmovo in the Moscow region. In 1935, he graduated, in the village Krasnoflotskoye 7 school classes. Worked Smorchkov in Mytischi factory. He engaged in a flying club in the district 1937-1938 years.

In 1938, drafted in Army ranks. He graduated in 1940, the Kachin Aviation School. Service began his flight instructor.

Morels Alexander Pavlovich. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Awards. Photo. 1


Took part in World War II October 1941 g, was on the southern front. Alexander, in the Donbas operation performed flight 51, 25 October was wounded. After recovery from the end of December, the 1941 - was commander of the Chernigov aviation school (it was then stationed in Turkmenistan, Mr. Kizil Arvat). Since December, the 1942 Smorchkov He became zamkomom 761-th Aviation Regiment (136-I Air Division, the Central Asian Military District), stationed in Ashgabat.

Once again, to the front, Alexander was in September 1943 was appointed squadron was zamkomom 523-303-Regiment Panzer. From May 1944 city - was a squadron commander in his regiment. He participated in the Byelorussian, Smolensk, East Prussia, Baltic offensive operations. Engaged aerial reconnaissanceSo he had less likely than others to conduct aerial combat. During the war years made 279 missions, he spent fighting 18, 2 German aircraft shot down and another damaged one.

Morels Alexander Pavlovich. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Awards. Photo. 2


After Major Victory continued Smorchkov the Air Force. He continued to command a squadron. In 1947, he mastered jet fighter. Since early January, the 1951 - lock 18-Guards Regiment in piloting. From late March 1951, in the regiment was sent to the government's mission to northern China, at the airport of the city of Mukden.

He participated in the Korean War. 24.10.1951 Colonel Smorchkov spent one of the most successful battles. Having become acquainted on 700 meter distance, Alexander opened fire on B-29, when the American was about to 300 meters, he came out of the attack. As a result, the enemy bomber caught fire. But Smorchkova could not get out of the battle unscathed. Once shot down B-29, ran into place.

Morel 3 days in a row on the bomber shot down in the most difficult missions, it is worth noting that all of his victories over them have been officially recognized by the Americans - this is a rare case!

Morels Alexander Pavlovich. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Awards. Photo. 3


During the Korean War, Smorchkov 150 fulfilled missions, spent 52 battle, US aircraft shot down 13. More 3 enemy planes were damaged them.

13.11.1951 lieutenant colonel assigned Smorchkova the title of Hero of the country. In 1956, he graduated in Monino Air Force Academy. In November, he was commander of the 1956 826-th regiment training at Headquarters summer courses. Since March, the 1966 - Lecturer tactics of military art at the Air Force Academy.

In December 1975 he was left in reserve. Smorchkov lived in Moscow. Died 16.11.1998. He was buried in the cemetery Troekurov.


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Really - Hero!
The only thing, according to archival data, in 1940, he graduated, de jure from the Zaraisk Red Banner Aviation School "Kachinskaya" them. A.F. Myasnikova


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