Reducing the risk of aircraft accidents. Simple but effective ideas
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Reducing the risk of aircraft accidents. Simple but effective ideas

Reducing the risk of air accidents. Simple but effective ideas.


Today chance to hit in a plane crash very small, and is only about a 1 100000, however, despite this, due to various factors occur catastrophe and aviation incidents, which are suffering or dying people. Arguing that it was the cause of one or other of the crash makes absolutely no sense, since in each case there has its own situation, to predict which, if possible, it is not always possible to avoid it - sometimes because of the human factor, sometimes because of the reliability of the equipment.



Nevertheless, the risk of getting sun in a plane crash can be seriously reduced, and for this there are several priority tasks, and decisions on the rate of realization of which will depend on reduction of the degree of danger.


Steps to reduce risks in aviation


Mainly, you should follow a few simple truths and rules that are more related to both airlines and special services responsible for security of air flights. To do this, you must think through any situation by creating special rules for flight crew and those engaged in the maintenance of this equipment.

Currently, IATA and EASA actively working on it, but experts believe that the original is given to 4 basic steps.


Determine the probability of occurrence of risks


About 10-15 years ago in Western literature could often be found statements about the so-called risk management. At its core, the risk is nothing more than the degree of emerging threats, but it should be clarified that the probability of danger, coupled with the consequences, that is, in other words, the greater the likelihood of any particular incident, and the more serious the consequences would be, the greater is the risk.



Thus, the idea is to clarify all possible risks associated with the introduction of aviation incidents and subsequently initialize them, to minimize the probability of their occurrence. Currently, service security, to put it mildly, not very well cope with the management of risks, but the first steps in this direction, and there are constantly optimized.


The regulation and the creation of a unified system of rules for pilots


Strangely enough, but modern aviation regulations clearly lacks good optimization and order. Given the fact that the pilot will have to be guided by exhaust situation is likely to decrease accidents, and thus decrease the risk of himself aviation incident or accident.

At first glance, this may seem rather obvious, but given the statistics clearly shows that almost 90% of aviation incidents occurred due to "amateur" and the arrogance of pilots.


Thinking through ways out of the degrees of risk


Significant reduction in the probability of an incident bears thinking through different situations. To better understand this, it is necessary to explore all possible factors, such as space for a possible emergency landing of aircraft in the event of bad weather or problems, take into account the failure of any equipment, improving the system or duplicating them, etc.



All this is a conservative statistical estimates will reduce the risks in 60-70%, and, therefore, can and save the lives of dozens of people.


Creation of mass and individual rescue


It is not always possible to reduce the risk to a minimum, and therefore it is also important to pay attention to the possible means of salvation. A typical example of this can serve as a pilot bailout military aircraft, and although this method is difficult to implement in the civil aviation, to pay to it is still worth your attention.



Having thought the situation with the fall of the aircraft for any possible reason, you can create a design that separates during flight into its component parts, and using a system of parachutes can be smoothly lowered every part of the land, thereby reducing the risk, by reducing the severity of the possible consequences, in particular, This applies to deaths.

Naturally, this method is more expensive, but with the right approach to innovate allow to save hundreds of lives each year


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