Reduction of noise from aircraft. New technologies of scientists from the UK.
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Reduction of noise from aircraft. New technologies of scientists from the UK.

Reduction of noise from aircraft. New technologies of scientists from the UK.


The noise generated by aircraft, is a real headache for large cities, and, true to use here as the figurative meaning of the phrase, and the most that neither is direct. However, scientists from the University of Cambridge reported that the most likely, this problem can be solved in the course of 5-7 the next few years, as thanks of the study, the noise from the take off and landing of aircraft managed to reduce in a series conducted experiments almost 40%.



Opening can reduce noise from air transport, was made quite by accident, moreover, the decision was prompted by the nature. As you know, owls, when making a flight, practically do not create audible sound to the person's ear, and it is this observation that made it possible to redesign already existing aircraft engines in such a way that the noise level was reduced by more than half. Of course, it's too early to say that the idea will be realized in the next few days, but according to the official reports of the researchers, if a special plumage is created on the surface of the aircraft engine blades, and the bending of the blades itself is curved in the shape of a feather-like feather on the wings of an owl, Of the fluctuations will be extinguished, due to which, if the standard sound power of the take-off aircraft is of the order of 130-140 dB, then after the modernization and a number of improvements, this figure will decrease to 80-90 dB.



However, experts suggest that initially the new engines will be tested on unmanned aerial vehicles, as it is unknown how to behave in a new form of blades at speeds of more than 800 km / h.

It is not excluded that the new fundamental discoveries in the first place interested in the world's largest manufacturer of aircraft engines, as a matter of fact, at the cost currently unaltered, the engines are quieter, which in turn will interest those carriers are based at airports located in the city.

One of the negative aspects of the use of new technology is somewhat increased consumption of aviation fuel - about 2-3%, however, scientists from the UK believe that combining various technologies, this problem can be solved completely.


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