Dog on a plane
Dog on a plane: the rules of transportation of dogs in airplane

Dog on a plane: the rules of transportation of dogs in an airplane


RњRЅRѕRіRёRμ RїR ° ° SЃSЃR R¶RёSЂS <RѕS,RїSЂR ° RІR "SЏSЏSЃSЊ PI RѕS ‡ RμSЂRμRґRЅRѕR№ RїRμSЂRμR" C'C,, RЅRμSЂRμRґRєRѕ P · P ° RґSѓRјS <RІR ° SЋS,SЃSЏ RЅR ° Rґ RІRѕRїSЂRѕSЃRѕRј neous PS S,RѕRј, RєR ° Rє RїRμSЂRμRІRѕR · RёS,SЊ SЃRѕR ± P ° RєSѓ PI SЃR ° RјRѕR "S'S,Rμ Ryo RІRѕRѕR C ± ‰ Rμ, RІRѕR · RјRѕR¶RЅRѕ P "Ryo SЌS,Rѕ? P "RμR№SЃS,RІRёS,RμR" SЊRЅRѕ, RμSЃR "Ryo RјRμR" RєRёS ... RґRѕRјR ° C ... € RЅRёS R¶RёRІRѕS,RЅS <C ... C ‡ PI P ° SЃS,RЅRѕSЃS,Rё RіSЂS <P · SѓRЅRѕRІ Ryo RєRѕS € RμRє RјRѕR¶RЅRѕ RѕSЃS,R ° RІRёS,SЊ RЅR ° RїRѕRїRμS ‡ RёS,RμR "SЊSЃS,RІRѕ SЃRѕSЃRμRґSЏRј, S,Rѕ SЃ SЃRѕR ± P ° RєRѕR№, Rє SЃRѕR¶R ° F" RμRЅRёSЋ, S,R ° RєRѕR number RЅRѕRјRμSЂ RЅRμ RїSЂRѕR№RґS'S,, S,R ° Rє RєR Rє ° C ... P "RѕRїRѕS, SЃ SЌS,RёRјRё RґRѕRјR ° C € RЅRёRјRё R¶RёRІRѕS,RЅS <RјRё RІRμSЃSЊRјR ° RјRЅRѕRіRѕ. R'RѕR "SЊS € RёRЅSЃS,RІRѕ RІRёR P ° ° ° RєRѕRјRїR RЅRёR№ RїSЂRμRґSѓSЃRјR ° ° S,SЂRёRІR RμS, RІRѕR · RјRѕR¶RЅRѕSЃS,SЊ RЅR ° RїSЂRѕRІRѕR · SЃRѕR ± P ° RєRё PI SЃR ° RјRѕR "S'S,RμHowever, good enough to start to clarify how this will carefully treat your specific carrier.



Unfortunately, the dog on the seat on the plane will not take, but to provide specifically for this place in the luggage department still can. However, do not think that transportation of dogs in an airplane is so commonplace, it does not exist for this rules for dogs in the transport plane.


Terms dogs transportation in an airplane


transport rules are fairly simple, but you have to fulfill their obligation, or otherwise, the pet will still have to leave in the care of someone from relatives, friends or acquaintances.

  1. In that case, if the carrier provides transportation of dogs, make sure you notify him in advance that you are going to carry out the flight along with his pet. Make it should be at the stage of buying a ticket that will save you from the tedious registration in the future. Note that rules for dogs in the transport plane also take into account the fact that you have to pay for the extra ticket, which is also considered under a separate tariff for excess baggage.


  1. In advance take care of that in there you had a veterinary certificate, which can be obtained in almost any veterinary clinic. The evidence is brought about a dog owner, made immunizations, sex and age of the dog, as well as the nickname of the animal. Information formal enough, but without it, you can not even count on the fact that your beloved pet will be able to get on board the aircraft.


  1. For the transport of animal requires a special container, in which the animal will be placed at the time of airfare.


Thus, these three rules is sufficient to Dog in a plane Russian air carriers could make airfare with you.

In that case, if you are going to make a flight on a plane out of the country, you have to take care of a number of other veterinary certificates, which are specified directly by the carrier; license for the export of the animal from the country, the international veterinary certificate, etc.



However, there are a number of exceptions that allow you to transport animals directly on board of an airliner. This category falls under transportation of dogs in an airplane are a guide for people in need of this, moreover, it is completely free; and transportation of small dogs, weighing up to 5 kg, but it can afford not all carriers, including Russian.



It is worth noting that RїSЂRѕRІRѕR · SЃRѕR ± P ° RєRё PI SЃR ° RјRѕR "S'S,Rμ international airlines may involve finding the animal in a special quarantine, with it can last for up to six months, which naturally suit is not for everyone.

Take care of the implementation of all the rules listed above and learn about RєR ° Rє RїRμSЂRμRІRѕR · RёS,SЊ SЃRѕR ± P ° RєSѓ PI SЃR ° RјRѕR "S'S,Rμ, taking into account that if the conditions of the air carrier allow the carriage of animals on board, you can be sure that Dog in a plane make airfare along with you without any trouble and hassle.


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