The interview at the Etihad company (UAE). Alina Kruminja.
The interview at the Etihad company (UAE). Alina Kruminja.

The interview at the Etihad company (UAE). Alina Kruminja.  


Hello dear readers ...

Today we talk about sobesdovanii.

The interview itself "Assessment" * takes place in different cities around the world. Interview schedules can be viewed at www. etihad. com

* Assessment is a combination of a number of assessment procedures: interviews, psychological tests, practical assignments, business games, cases, etc.

If you liked your resume to employers, they will send you a request to the question about the place of passage of your interview. I chose Abu Dhabi.

The day the interview took place in Abu Dhabi from the 8: 00 to 17: 00.

It all starts with filling out a questionnaire. (Name, contact information, your photo (the invitation indicates what it should be).

 After filling, you need to take a turn to check "legs, hands, face, skin (the presence of tattoos), the presence of piercing (it is allowed to have 2 earrings and only girls)." 

Next is checking growth. In company "Etihad»There is no specific selection criterion for height. The selection criterion for height is as follows: you are asked to take off your shoes, stand on your toes, and reach the 210cm mark with your hand. If you can do it, then it doesn't matter what height you are 150, 155, 160, 165 ...

Next Recruit gives you a serial number. From this moment on you are Mary, Peter, Kate, Claudia, and №93, №94, №95 ... At the time of issue number you will be asked questions to ask as you are communicating on free themes. It may be asked, if you like the country, the city; what the weather is in your home, how you feel ...

When all 100-150 people are in the conference room, the recruits will begin to show the presentation. First, general information about the UAE. Further information on local clothing, rules and customs. It is better to write everything down. After the presentation there will be questions about the presentation. How you participate in answering the questions will be evaluated. 

Next come tasks in pairs and in groups of tasks 3 person.

In pairs, you need to find out as much information as possible about the partner. Each couple is then called to perform in front of an audience. You will need to introduce your partner. In no case should you present your possible future colleague badly and in short form. Do not try to invent something, listen carefully to the assignment and clearly carry it out.

In a group of human 3 give back - to get acquainted with each other. Later, you will be called and asked to tell some interesting fact about your partner. There is no need to invent and to show its "super" English and invent stories. If you have been told 1 quality - then you need to call only one quality.

Next is the Test of English... The test lasts 15 minutes, 5 tasks are given. The tasks are simple and ordinary, as in the school test: They give a sentence - you need to insert words in the correct order; the text in which you want to insert words; more text, read and answer questions ...

If you know English, then the level of "intermidiet" enough.

Some part is eliminated at this stage. They call you the numbers, those who are taken out of the room - they went on. Those who stayed ... A new application is submitted in six months.

This is followed by the following presentation about the work of a flight attendant in this airline and the work of the airline. And again: after the presentation - questions about the presentation. Everything is evaluated again.

Between all of these are the breaks during which time so as to behave decently. Your number is always on his chest and he is always perfectly visible. Do not forget about the reputation!

After the presentation, there is a work in groups on 5-6 people, and will be given a task. The task looks like this: pick up pictures for the cities (Italy - Pizza) (France - Wine). The point is how you arrive at the answer. You don't need to be the boss, you need to listen to everything that is said, you need to imagine that you are a flight attendant and you are communicating with passengers. Speak calmly and reasonably. 

After that, you need to select a city out of 10. Imagine that this is your airline's new destination and imagine what you can think of to serve on board for this destination. Listen, think, speak calmly. No one will look after the results, they will look at your behavior and your ability to delicate communication.

Then again, some of the otseetsya.

Before reaching a final interview about 10-15%.

Next comes the final interview, which lasts 20 minutes.

You in turn summoned to the room where the sitting 2 recruit. 1 - bad cop (good and tricky questions) 2-good (softly, smiling and sensitive issues).

Questions variety. Asked to submit. Why steward? (Do not dream and desire. You must explain exactly why? You have to be prepared in advance information on the airline). It may be asked about his personal life. (In the United Arab Emirates are not allowed to live with a boyfriend or girlfriend, if you have not legalized the relationship). One may ask: where do you go with your friends, how do you spend your leisure time. Did you have people on the previous work, something not satisfied? How did you decide to issue them. (Examples).

All the best!

Avia.Pro и Alina Krumina


too sugary says, a smile is pasted

Tell me if it's confirmation
So you can choose any day of the schedule of Abu Dabi..ili still need to wait for the next letter detailing details?
Here is just that-Thank you for your application for the position of Cabin Crew.

We are pleased to inform you that you have been short-listed and we would like to invite you to attend an Assessment Day with us.

Once an Assessment Day becomes available in one of the cities you chose as your preference, an invitation will be sent to you with the details. If we are unable to accommodate your city preference within 6 months of application, your details will automatically expire.

Hello, Alina. And if the ear lobe hole of the earrings? this allowed? Or it is important to never been punctured


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