We are going on vacation. What to take ?
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We are going on vacation. What to take ?

Coming on holiday, how to do it?


It will be good if you will have time to prepare for the long-awaited vacation, but if this time would not be? Course is determined with the airline and is best to rely on reviews. Then enjoy a trifle. How all the same to come on vacation with no problems?

  For any type of employment at work, you will need to allocate time for the following things:


1) registration of all documents other tours, this includes insurance and hotels and flightsAs well as other things.
2) will need to be get a visa;
3) if the trip is organized in a country where the currency goes the other, the need to become foreign currency purchase, best in electronic form; 
4) replenish the mobile account;
5) If you attend any clubs and have a valid card, you should suspend their action;



Take care of household chores, such as:


1) Do not forget about house plants, They need to be watered;
2) When on the explicitness petsYou will need to identify them or to their relatives, friends or other trusted personages or to execute documents on the journey with you.
3) It is necessary, be sure to turn off electrical devices down to the fridge. 
4) If you are using answering machineDo not forget to change the recording on the answering machine.


When collecting things, do not forget to put the following: 

1) Take care of hygiene, and take with you paste и toothbrush;
2) Combs, shampoo, hair dryer
3) Socks, tights
4) Shorts, T-shirts and other clothingSuitable climate
5) Sandals and sandals
6) Charging devicesThat you take with you
7) Threads and needle (The situation may be different)
8) Underwear



Do not forget to pack your safety and first aid kit, is put into it:

1) Funds relieves pain
2) Funds lowering fever
3) Vitamins
4) Plasters and bandages


Coming on holiday, how to do it

        If you decide to take a laptop with you, then it is worth take himself a laptopBy an additional battery charger capability.

          The following things are worth taking on a plane:

1) First of all, the most important documents, such as: passport, air tickets and other required documents
2) MoneyAs cash and non-cash form
3) Camera and phone or player
4) Umbrella
5) Just bookTo pass the time in flight
Successful flight!

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