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DAHER-SOCATA (formerly EADS SOCATA), located in Tarbes (France), produces turboprop and piston light aircraft that are intended for training in piloting and personal use, as well as for use as corporate aircraft.

27.06.2008 company "EADS" announced its intention to sell a controlling stake in "EADS SOCATA", which it owned, to the industrial French conglomerate "DAHER", and 3.11.2008 "DAHER" and "EADS" that they had reached an agreement on this issue. The sale and purchase process was completed on 07.01.2009 of the year, after which the new company became the name "DAHER-SOCATA".

SOCATA TBM 850 photo salon

SOCATA TBM 850 photo salon

The company today offers a light corporate and private aircraft DAHER-SOCATA TBM 850, which is based on the TBM 700 model (first take-off - July 1988). The new aircraft received a more powerful engine, made its first flight in February 2005 under the code TBM700N and was actually the second analogue of the TBM700, in which the original Pratt & WhitneyCanadaPT6A64 engine with 522KW (700lXX) was replaced with PT6XXXXXXXXX The latter had a nominal power of 66 kW (1361l.s.), after mounting it on an aircraft, it was reduced to 1825kW (634l.s.), but the power at takeoff mode was reduced to 850kW (522l.c.) To simplify certification. The new aircraft received a four-bladed propeller from the predecessor and a stock of fuel of 700l volume.

TBM850 is a serial modification of TBM700N, the aircraft is intended mainly for the North American market - where its main competitors are new jet ultra-light aircraft. Engine power in cruise flight mode may increase to 850l.s. (634kW), the cruising speed of the TBM850 is thus much higher than the variations of the TBM700, especially at high altitudes, but the range will be slightly reduced.

SOCATA TBM 850 cockpit

SOCATA TBM 850 cockpit

TBM850 shipments started at 2006, while with 2008, TBM850 instead of a rather “colorful” and extensive set of different equipment, it is supplied with a “glass” integrated GarminG1000 cabin, which has been offered in 2009 year in a better version using “artificial vision” technology (SyntheticVisionText) , synthesized display on the monitor of the three-dimensional image of the Earth's surface). The cost of the standard TBM850 on 2010 year was a little more than 3 million dollars. The aircraft can fly one or two pilots and carry 4-5 passengers.

The characteristics of the aircraft TBM 850:

  • Range: 2815km

  • Cruising speed: 592km / hour

  • The highest altitude: 9449m

  • The highest take-off weight: 3354kg

  • The greatest number of passengers: 6

  • The best number of passengers: 5

  • interior length: 4.05m

  • The width of the passenger compartment: 1.21m

  • Cabin height: 1.22m

  • The volume of the passenger compartment: 3.5kub.m

  • Length: 10.645m

  • Height: 4.35m

  • Wingspan: 12.680

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