Solotrek XFV. Characteristics. A photo. History.
Solotrek XFV. Characteristics. A photo. History.

Solotrek XFV


Solotrek XFV - personal flying machine, which is structurally transverse chopper circuit at which the screws are arranged in the annular channels. In microhelicopter 2 small screws on the head, the center of gravity is a little lower, so when flying man remains in a vertical position.
In 1996, Michael Moschier founded Millennium Jet, Inc. It was later renamed Trek Aerospace. We planned to design and launch production of two devices: SoloTrek for one person and DuoTrek for two. It was supposed to start production of the device in 2002.


Solotrek XFV photo.

Solotrek XFV photo.

Since 2000 DARPA invested in designing 5,1mln USD apparatus. It is also stated that the project was supported by BAE Systems, NASA, Silicon Valley Bank and other companies. It was assumed that the main buyers of the machine will be police and military. It was assumed that the price will be approximately mikrovertolёta 300 thousand dollars. But 2002 few short flight was conducted on a leash and one - no, after this project funding discontinued.
When engine failure predusmatrviaetsya parachute.

This unit appears in the movie "Agent Banks Cody". The scene where Agent Banks Cody (Muniz Frankie) and his CIA teacher Miles Ronica (Harmon Angie) enter the villainous lair, but the animators created the flight. 


Solotrek XFV photo. 2

Solotrek XFV photo.

Another device appeared in the series "Mythbusters", where the leading purchased a set of parts, trying to build a similar device, but could not tear it from the ground. 

Features helicopter Solotrek XFV:



  • Weight: 130kg, 
  • Height: 2,5, 
  • Speed: 130km / h 
  • Engine power: 140l.s., 
  • Flight range: 200km, 
  • The longest flight duration: 90min. 


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I can build such a device for 1 000 000 p for a year. I know how to increase the efficiency of the screw 3 times without increasing the diameter and speed.

also interested in this circuit design


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