"Sopwith" "Dad." A photo. Characteristics
"Sopwith" "Dad." A photo. Characteristics

"Sopwith" "Dad." A photo. Characteristics


United Kingdom

A type: Single single-engine biplane fighter

Crew: one pilot

Created on the basis of the 1-1 / 2-Strutter of the Sopwich Company (the first real double fighter of the Royal Flight Corps), the significantly reduced single-seat airplane Pap was initially known as Scout. Nevertheless, due to its small size and great family resemblance to Strutter, he quickly received the nickname "Pup" (Pup - puppy), a name that eventually became official. Ordered by both the Royal Flight Corps and the Royal Navy Aviation Service (RNAS), the first "Pap" airplanes landed on the Western Front in September of 1916 and remained in the frontline operation until at the end of the summer of the following year they were replaced by the supply of SE5a aircraft And "Kemel".

In the final analysis, 1770 "Pap" airplanes were built, this type continued to be built in 1918 to meet the national defense needs of fighters to combat the German bombers and Zeppelin air raids. In addition to operating from land airports in parts of the Royal Navy Aviation Service, a number of "Pap" aircraft were used on the three aircraft carriers of the Royal Air Force from the beginning of 1917 to the end of the war. Two semi-original "Pap" airplanes are now airworthy: one of them - with the N6181 number in the Shuttleworth Collection - was converted into a two-seater "Sopwich" civil aircraft "Dove". Two more replicas also make regular flights.

"Sopwith" "Dad." Photo.

Basic data


  • Length: 5,89 m
  • Wingspan: 8,08 m
  • Height: 2,87 m


Flight duration: 3 hours

Power point: "Ron" 9S

Power: 80 l. from. (59,6 kW)

The weight:

  • BLANK: 357 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 556 kg


Date of first flight: February 1918 years

On right: The plane "Dad" from the Shuttleworth Collection painted by the distinctive pattern 3-aircraft Squadron of the Royal Navy Air Service for the war period.

The surviving airworthy modifications: "Dad"

Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 179 km / h