Modern aviasamolety

Modern aviasamolety. Air planes.


In our country, aviation is the most expensive mode of transport, and at the same time the fastest. Modern Air airline is well developed and allows to reach even the most remote of the city and the country. In addition to the transportation of passengers and cargo, aviasamolety and helicopters are widely used in various areas of the economy: in agriculture, for aerial survey, to extinguish forest fires in the organization of R & D activities, etc.


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As you can see, the social significance aviasamoletov and other air technology is very large. In recent years began to develop business aviation and business aviation. And this contributes to the main advantage - the speed of air transport. In addition, any tenant or the owner of an aircraft may without difficulty apply for departures on different communication channels (even via the Internet) and get permission. However, he agrees to comply with all the rules and requirements for flight.

air planes

In recent years, our country's Ministry of Transport took seriously address the problem of small aircraft, since the government is well aware that small business development is largely dependent on the state of aviation. Now Russian is ahead of many countries in Europe for the development of this segment, which can not but rejoice.

It is also worth noting that aviation today is developing in a profitable sector of the economy, and immediately after the adoption of the legal framework, it will be another very profitable area for investors. Experts predict a boom in the air transport market. Private aviasamolety be turned from a dream into an efficient and comfortable means of transportation. Although to own and maintain their own aircraft - now a luxury that can afford only wealthy people.

However, in case of need rather convenient service is to rent a private aviasamoletov as modern man (businessman, politician, athlete) is very important time. Equally convenient it is the aircraft and for tourists who are traveling to the most remote corners of the world or country where even a small airfield suitable for him.


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All is well aware that flying on a private plane more comfortable, it does not have the difficulties that will be faced during the flight of a large aircraft. You do not have to adjust to the schedule of departures, private aviasamolety ready to go at any time, do not have to stand in large queues for registration and tedious customs control. It should be noted, and comfort, and a high level of service in a private jet.

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Modern airplanes are equipped with a huge number of functional systems using automation, electronics, computers, radio engineering, ergonomically linked to the crew, which is a link in the control loop.

Nowadays Aviation offers a wide variety of aircraft, ranging from amateur ultralight aircraft construction and finishing of superheavy planes, which can carry up to 150-250 tons of cargo and more than five hundred passengers. Now on the plane was actually circumnavigate the globe without refueling, and landing in flight. And it's all thanks to advances in aircraft.

On our website you can get acquainted with different aviasamoletami, learn about their characteristics, enjoy their luxurious and very dangerous stunts and heroic deeds pilots will simply always up to date with the latest news related to aviation.