The modern image of flight attendants. Questions not related to aviation. #3
The modern image of flight attendants. Questions not related to aviation. #3

The modern image of flight attendants. Questions not related to aviation. #3

Alina Krumina (: Etihad Airline In a good restaurant when you receive a bill after a fine meal, you do not find one expensive dish in the bill. Tell the waiter?

Alina: I am an honest man and in this respect is principled Be sure to tell the waiter about this, otherwise my conscience will be tortured.

Alina Kruminja If you have a problem with solving a very important test, and you have the opportunity to write off safely, will you write off?

Alina: No no and one more time no! Again - the principle. I appreciate the knowledge, I appreciate their adequate and objective assessment. For me, it is extremely important to get My Own assessment, even if it is unsatisfactory, rather than get excellent, but someone else's.

I am a child from an early age. And if I suddenly didn’t do my homework at school, I never wrote it off for a break ... I just went to the teacher with an open diary and told me to give me a unit.

Etihad flight attendant Who are the living people you would like to meet?

Alina: I would like to visit any forum with the participation of flight attendants from around the world. I would like to listen to their stories, share experiences, learn something new for themselves.

And from famous people, I would love to see Yevgeny Grishkovets. I am inseparable from his books (:

Grishkovets My favorite literary hero?

Alina: Lermontovsky Pechorin! He fell in love with me even in school days when I read "A Hero of Our Time" with a flashlight under a blanket (:

Not a very ordinary character ... And, surprisingly, in my 14-15 years, I saw myself in this person with moments, I was able to understand him.

"Pechorin" Hood. Vrubel

Pechorin Hood. Vrubel What is your favorite color?

Alina: Blue. The color of the sky ... The color of my eyes.

stewardess wedding What would be your biggest misfortune?

Alina: Lose the most beloved person in the world.

Alina stewardess What qualities do you especially appreciate in men?

Alina: In all, not only in men, I appreciate Honesty, but respect is followed by respect, Respect follows Respect for Listening and Hearing, followed by Understanding .... In general, I can go on to infinity and list all the most positive qualities in people, but In any case, for me, Man begins with Honesty.

a flight attendant on the plane Your motto.

Alina: Do what you love. And love what you do.

This is the key to success, happiness and personal satisfaction (:

As Confucius said, "Choose a job to his liking, and you do not have to work a single day in your life", it is the way it is. Almost ... ((: