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Creating a legal framework for the development and operation of UAVs in EC countries

Creating a legal framework for the development and operation of UAVs in EC countries

Commercial use of UAVs in Europe will be divided into three categories, and based on the regulations developed by the Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The proposed regulatory framework or development concept provides that EASA certification will create a category with specific requirements, based on risk and require specific qualifications in flight operations and the implementation of various types of transactions.

After the adoption of a framework of rules to regulate the situation in Europe, as well as increased responsibility in operations with UAVs weighing 150 kg or more, there will be ordering all rules and measures to implement all kinds of flying drones.

UAV types

At the meeting, and Riga (Latvia), held 5-6 March 2015 year, there was a consensus among the countries of the European Union with the development of five basic principles for the introduction of drone into the airspace of Europe in 2016. Among the basic principles, it was noted that drones should be considered as new types of aircraft, adjusted for the rules relating to the risks for these aircraft, and that the EASA should take into account in the legal framework to help the private sector invest and develop this sector of the economy. The rules should be simple considering the performance of the devices to allow a small start-up company or group of people to start providing services with the lowest possible risk.

According to the EABS regulations, aircraft that will be allowed to operate require restrictions on flying within visual visibility and altitude up to 150 meters above the ground, as well as outside specified reserved areas, such as airports ... Flying over crowds will be strictly prohibited .


Operators control the aircraft will not be licensed or obtain permission from the authorities, you should only register the unit with the appropriate authority.

According to the received category and complexity of the flight mission operators will have to make a risk assessment for safe flight. But the rules must be developed specifically stipulate conditions and restrictions when using the devices.

Certification categories should provide that the UAV will fly in the airspace with manned aircraft, and have strict limits.

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According to experts the market for UAVs for 2014-2023 years will be about 67.3 bln. Dollars of this amount, various companies and government agencies will spend about 35.6 bln. Dollars for the production of various models of drones and 28.7 bln. Dollars to conduct scientific research and 3 billion . dollars for the development and provision of services.

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