SPAD 13.C1. A photo. Characteristics
SPAD 13.C1. A photo. Characteristics

SPAD 13.C1. A photo. Characteristics



A type: Single single-engine biplane fighter

Crew: one pilot

It developed on the basis of a very successful aircraft SPAD 7 and released a limited number of aircraft SPAD 12. The aircraft SPAD 13.S1 was created in order to use the engine "Hispano-Suiza" 8V power 200 l. from. Additional benefits provided by this engine, the designers have allowed the company to establish a plane 13.S1 two machine guns, "Vickers» (Vicker) 7,7 caliber mm, and the French military aviation enthusiastically 8470 acquired aircraft.

Nevertheless, the combination of production problems with the chronic unreliability of the engine stalled over the supply process, so from 2200 13.S1 aircraft, which the company has promised to collect SPAD to March 1918 years 764 only aircraft were built, of which only operated 300. With a modified engine in late spring last year 1918 production began to match the customer's request, the SPAD company until production ceased in 1919 year 'churned' by 11 13.S1 aircraft per day. By this time, about 8470 aircraft was built.

13.S1 aircraft used both French and British, Italian, Belgian and American units. There are currently seven aircraft left 13.S1: one regularly fly the aircraft at the Old Rhinebeck and La Ferte Ale (La Ferte Alais) in France - the last of these machines belongs to a collection of Jean Salis and operated Association Memorial Flight Medouna.

SPAD 13.C1. A photo.

Basic data


  • Length: 6,25 m
  • Wingspan: 8,25 m
  • Height: 2,6 m


Flight duration: 1,67 hours

Power point: "Hispano-Suiza" 8V

Power: 200 l. from. (149 kW)

The weight:

  • BLANK: 601 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 856 kg


Date of first flight:  April 4, 1917

On right: Impeccably restored aircraft SPAD 13.S1 belonging Summer Medouna memorial, with the engine running in La Ferte Ale.

The surviving airworthy modifications: 13.S1

Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 218 km / h