Save the "Concord"! (1979).
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Save the "Concord"! (1979).

Save the "Concord"! (1979).


  • Country Italy.
  • Directed by Ruggero Deodato.
  • Starring: James FranciscusMimsy FarmerCharles Francisco


The film is dedicated to one of the fastest passenger airliners "Concorde", which was successfully operated for a long time, but later, due to the insecurity of its flights and a number of accidents, was decommissioned.



The plot of the film tells the story of how around the famous French airliner unfolding sequence of events. Competitors in the production of airliners realized that at the current pace of development, the Concorde can arrange them in just a few years, and therefore it is very important to prevent his coming into the world aviation.



A series of terrorist attacks, perfidiously rigged plane crashes - all of this was undertaken only to show how unsafe this aircraft is. Nevertheless, one of the reporters found out about this, who is trying to bring to light the hypocritical competitors who decided that their own business is more important than hundreds of ruined lives. A hunt has begun for him, which will be very cruel ...



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