Special flight group "Russia"
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"Russia" Special aircraft division. The present. Future.

Special flight group "Russia"


Summer Special Detachment "Russia" is a federal state airline (institution), which is subordinate to the Russian President Administration.

This company provides transportation by aircraft of the first officials of the Russian Federation, as well as the heads of the FSB.


Before 1956, the first officials of the Soviet Union to fly on military aircraft, which is controlled by Air Force officers. But 13 April 1956 years, this tradition was interrupted by the Ministry of Defence of the USSR was completely freed from the transportation officials.

Special flight group "Russia"

On May 5, 1956, the head of the civil aviation department issued an order to create a special aviation unit within the Aeroflot structure, the base of which was at Vnukovo airport. After some time, the special purpose detachment of the United Nations Organization began to be called the Separate Aviation Detachment No. 235. A.I. Kolevatov.

 During Soviet times, a special flight squad was supposed to transport the USSR government and party leadership, as well as public figures of the country. In the period from 1959 to 2009, the airline carried out charter and regular passenger commercial traffic in Russia and abroad in order to provide a flight to the crew.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, there have been major changes in the world of air. Aviation unit in 1990 year changed its name to "Private aviation detachment of civil defense", and another three years later it was renamed the State Transport Company "Russia".

2006 autumn (October) to the STC "Russia" joined aviation company "Pulkovo". She began to carry out flights under the flag of STC "Russia", with the result that its name was read "Federal State Unitary Enterprise".

Special flight group "Russia"

January 31 2009 the decree of the Government of the Russian special detachment left the STC "Russia". It was created by a government agency called the "Summer Special Detachment" Russia "." With 15 April 1 2000 July, I was based at Sheremetyevo Airport for certain types of aircraft due to repair the runway at Vnukovo.


The first air airliner in the government troops were IL-12.

At various times in the special flying squad "Russia" were exploited:


Accidents and Incidents

During the existence of a special flight detachment only had two plane crashes. They occurred in 1960-ies, when it was the development of air units IL-18. In 1960 year at Kiev because of equipment failure was broken aircraft which fly to Cairo - Moscow. Among the victims - 34 person. In 1967 year in Moscow on takeoff the plane fell, which fly Domodedovo - Vnukovo. Among the dead - 8 crew members.

In 1961 year during the flight to Guinea IL-18 he was attacked by the French Air Force fighter jet over the Mediterranean Sea. He did 3 approach close distance from Il-18 and twice opened fire on the plane, which sat Leonid Brezhnev, followed by crossing the course. Experienced pilots managed to escape the shelling. Brezhnev praised the courage and skill of the commander of the crew of Boris Bugaev, and soon he became Chief Marshal, Minister of Civil Aviation and twice Hero of Socialist Labor.

Special flight group "Russia"

Incidents were others with a special flight detachment of "Russian", but will not list them.

Finally it should be said that, according to the presidential decree airliners are allocated only with written permission from the president to carry persons who hold public office of the Russian Federation, certain positions in the federal civil service, and other persons.

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