Spotting at Pulkovo with the airline "Russia"
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Spotting at Pulkovo with the airline "Russia"

Spotting at Pulkovo with the airline "Russia"



The Russian language is the English-language words have been introduced more often. It makes no sense to list them here, because the mere listing of these words, can take a good half of this article. Well, if we are talking about spotting, Then, to begin with, you need to explain what it is, and as that term is transformed in our country.


Spotting and Spotter

So, spotting, spotters, what they are and who they are? There is a term from the English word "spot»Which translates as "determine "," seek "As well as a noun means - "place "," blur ". The initial task of spotting - the definition of the aircraft type, number, and flight. Initially spotters were armed with notebooks, binoculars or telescopes. Later, perhaps as proof of his observations, planes and helicopters began taking pictures. Moreover, the photograph must be clearly visible on-board accommodation, and of course, that type of vessel should be clearly defined.

Spotting at Pulkovo with "Russia" airline 1

The picture clearly shows: aircraft type, aircraft number, and company affiliation. Tu 204-300, onboard RA-64057, Special flight detachment of the Arctic Ocean, "Russia"


Spotting at Pulkovo with "Russia" airline 2

Yak-40K, board RA-88251, Vologda Aviation Enterprise


By the way it should be noted that spotting can be not only air. There are people that register the movement of vessels, buses, trains, trucks. That is sort of partisan observation of the movements of the major types of vehicles. It's hard to say why it is done and who needs it. But in the modern world, with its advanced communications systems, it is possible in real time to track the movement of known aircraft, yachts a billionaire, or even of any vehicle.

Spotting at Pulkovo with "Russia" airline 3



Peculiarities of the National spotting

In Russia, any phenomenon that has come from the West, as a rule, it is transformed, as it is assimilated, acquiring the features and forms unique to our country. For example, in Europe, a spotter are quite loyal, although there were precedents when spotters detained and even tried. But in many airports in Europe and the world have a specially designated and trained to photograph places where an ordinary citizen can get.

And now imagine: near the strictly protected zone, an object of strategic purpose, which is any airfield, security detects a person armed with a camera and a notebook in which he records the time, number and type of aircraft observed by him. What will the first come to mind vigilant services? That's right - a spy. And if his camera is equipped with serious optics, then in general, this is a terrorist, no less. No matter how funny it is, when you get into this situation, believe me, you will not be in for a laugh. Severe protection will not be very clear to the "observer" answers to the question what he is doing here - "I photograph and watch for my own pleasure"!

The author of these lines was in such situations. The result was still very acceptable: a long document verification, with endless phoned, and sweep the memory card in front of employees, followed by a test. And it could be worse.

Over time, transformed into a bit spotting photographing direction. Notepad and glasses on the backburner. In the foreground was the sun picture quality on which you can clearly determine the identity of the board, its type, and board numbers. It is desirable that an aircraft or a helicopter were taken from an unusual angle, while the most interesting viewer and the viewer moments of flight, and this, of course, take-off and landing modes. And for this you need to look for shooting point near the runway, at its ends, or at the points of contact, separation.


Two options to catch a good shot

In this regard, the Russian spotter there are two main options to engage in their favorite thing.


  • The first way

Get as close as possible to the nearest airfield runway and take pictures sitting down or taking off aircraft. This method is not simple, teeming with all sorts of difficulties and is on the verge of breaking the law. Not to mention that such spotting associated with hiking on the full off-road, long waiting malokomfortnyh conditions in any weather. Add to this the ability to meet or semi-natural guard dogs, not to mention the meeting with the police, riot or SAB (security service).

Wild spotting, spotters or terminology "Podzaboring", Complicated and even the choice of location for filming. Territory large airports usually fenced or high concrete fence or barbed wire. So, we must look for a hill or a tree (some even carry a small stepladder!).

The perimeter of the airport is equipped with video surveillance cameras. And if you find a quiet, secluded point shooting, not the fact that after half an hour - an hour, you do not make the company the security services.

Therefore podzaboringovy spotter should not only be dressed according to the season, taking into account the off-road and weather conditions. He should always carry a spare battery or batteries, interchangeable lenses for the camera, and, of course, identification documents. The prospect of spending, after field surveys, and even a night in the chamber, it is unlikely someone will please. In addition, it is desirable to have with food and drink. Agree, it's silly to such difficulties to get to the point of shooting, during intense missions, and then stand there devoured by thirst and hunger.

This situation is, of course, not everywhere. I fully admit that there are airfields and airports where the authorities are quite loyal to people with cameras, they allow them to be close to the lanes or planes. But most likely, it may be somewhere in the outback, at MVL airports, small aircraft airfields. Although there, discipline and strict order are already being established.

Here we got to the second path for the spotter.


  • The second way: the official spotting

In our time, the administration of airports and airfields, the press service of organizing formal meetings with amateurs and professional photographers. This is one of the best examples of cooperation with the media and fans of aviation. Recent satisfy their curiosity and thirst for getting good, rare, perhaps, staff and administration get good photos and articles that can then be used as advertising for their other purposes.

Such meetings are increasingly began to organize not only the major airports but regional airports for international flights. Spotting may be confined to the seasons (autumn, summer) to some anniversaries, state or local. They can spend as interesting aircraft appears, or the airline opens a new route. It all depends on the goodwill of airport management and capacity \ desire spokesman.

And in fairness, it should be noted here that the organization of such an event it is very troublesome and costly. After all, it is clear that in such places increased security measures taken. And to invite 10-20 people on a photo shoot on the territory of the parking lots, terminals and hangars, you need a huge number of approvals, permits tolerances.


  • There is a third way:

This is to choose a point somewhere at the airport, if possible. This can be a balcony, a terminal window opening onto the platform or on the strip, access roads to the airport. In general, where there are so ordinary passengers passing without causing keen interest in relevant services.

For example, in Pulkovo International Airport, the best place for the official shooting, the third floor is a ramp near the departure hall. It offers a small overview on the strip and nearby taxiways. From this point, with the proviso that this band (Pulkovo two working lines) in operation, one can obtain good images taxiing and takeoff \ landing.

Spotting at Pulkovo with "Russia" airline 4

The frame is made from a ramp near the departure hall of Pulkovo Airport.


Pulkovo + "Russia"

Spotting at Pulkovo with "Russia" airline 5



10, 11-November, the administration of "Northern Capital Gateway", which manages the airport, Pulkovo, and the management of "Russia" airline, which has a base of Pulkovo airport, jointly organized by the fall spotting for amateurs and professionals.

Two Marina: Marina Peshehonova - Deputy Head of the Corporate Communications Department of Rossiya Airlines and Marina Mysheva - public relations specialist Pulkovo, for two days we were guardian angels and guides in the complex structure of a modern airport. Everything was well organized: from the division of spotters into amateur beginners and media professionals, to catering on board the aircraft. For everyone, their own program was prepared.

Spotting at Pulkovo with "Russia" airline 6

Marina Peshehonova (a \ to the "Russia") instructs Spotters and talks about his airline.


Spotting at Pulkovo with "Russia" airline 7

Marina Peshehonova (center) with spotters on the first point for shooting


The program of the second day, for already experienced spotters, was very interesting and well-planned. The first half of the day, when there is a normal lighting, was assigned directly to the shooting near the strip on both sides, making it possible to photograph the aircraft, taking off in different directions. Survey points were selected in places of contact and separation of most types of aircraft flying in that day. That is, we could get as much as possible a variety of shots.

Spotting at Pulkovo with "Russia" airline 8

Marina Mysheva (Pulkovo) with the flight schedule for that day. Our guardian angel and protector at the airport.


Then we were allowed into the hangar, where a renovation and maintenance of aircraft, and \ to "Russia". By the way, it is very rare when a place outsiders allowed, so even with the cameras. However, it is possible to organize.

Spotting at Pulkovo with "Russia" airline 9

In the hangar, "Russia" not only showed us all, and answered all questions.

Spotting at Pulkovo with "Russia" airline 10

Spotting at Pulkovo with "Russia" airline 11


The second half of the day was our aircraft inspection and photographing newcomer Boeing 737-800NG, in the parking lot.

Spotting at Pulkovo with "Russia" airline 1


Moreover, after half an hour of photographing outside, our group was admitted to the plane. By the way, this is also very rare if you are not a passenger, of course. On board, we photographed the brand new cabin of the aircraft, and beautiful flight attendants helped us in this, also in the form of a new design. The stewardesses, not only posed for our spotters, but also managed to treat us to hot tea and coffee with sandwiches.

Spotting at Pulkovo with the airline "Russia"



Although the cold that day was not very strong, it was nice to know that you at any moment you can get into a warm bus, which was kept close to our group.

Spotting at Pulkovo with "Russia" airline 25



In conclusion of this holiday for us, aviation photography, the group visited a real flight simulators B737NG, where we were given the opportunity to "fly" on it.

Spotting at Pulkovo with "Russia" airline 26

Spotting at Pulkovo with "Russia" airline 27


As a result, fans of aviation photography had an excellent and varied 12-five hours (!) Program of visits to various sites and services and Pulkovo airlines "Russia".

Spotting at Pulkovo with "Russia" airline 28



On behalf of all spotters, I would like to express my gratitude and gratitude to the management of Northern Capital Gateway LLC and Marina Myshevoy personally, as well as the management of the airline "Russia" and Marina Peshekhonovs personally for the organization of the air show for photographers.


Especially for Avia.Banco Pro He participated in spotting Valery Smirnov

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