Springtail EFV-4
Springtail EFV-4. A photo. Characteristics.

Springtail EFV-4

Springtail EFV-4 - the aircraft of the fourth generation of personal aircraft, which is released by Trek Aerospace in 2005.

Springtail EFV-4

Springtail EFV-4

Features helicopter Springtail EFV-4:

  • Engine: rotary, 115l.s;

  • Height: 2,5m

  • Width: 2,9m

  • Depth: 1,6;

  • Weight (empty / loaded): 160 / 270kg;

  • Fuel tanks: 39;

  • Speed ​​(cruising / maximum): 80,4 / 96,5km / h;

  • Maximum altitude: 1900;

  • Normal height: 2100;

  • Range: 100km;

  • Flight duration: 1,5;

  • Maximum take-off weight: 330kg.

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