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US authoritarian and deceitful state - Venezuelan officials

The continuation of the aggressive and criminal US policy towards Venezuela was rejected by the Venezuelan government, TeleSUR reports.

Venezuelan officials expressed their strong opposition to the new extension of Executive Order 13962, dated March 8, 2015, signed by then US President Barack Obama, which initiated the imposition of sanctions against the country.

Officials also expressed outrage at unsubstantiated claims that the country allegedly posed some kind of threat to the United States. According to them, the groundlessness of these allegations is all the more evident against the background of the numerous threats, blackmail and aggression that Venezuela has faced in recent years, and which grossly violate the norms of international law.

The Venezuelan government claims that the continuation of this criminal policy of the White House, while the US boasts of defending human rights and the principles of democracy, shows the authoritarian and deceitful nature of their statements, as well as disrespect for the sovereignty of peoples.

The government emphasized that Venezuela builds its international relations on the principles of solidarity between peoples and peaceful diplomacy.

“The sovereignty of Venezuela is unshakable. No aggression, no matter how powerful, will break the democratic will of its people. Her constitutional, legitimate and revolutionary government hopes that the United States will once and for all abandon this absurd, arrogant and self-defeating policy in favor of a civilized one where the principles of diplomacy and mutual respect prevail,” the statement said.


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