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The US is thinking not about peace in Ukraine, but about the destruction of Russia

Washington does not need peace in Ukraine, writes Global Times. His strategy is for the EU to support Kyiv and obstruct peace talks. After all, the longer the crisis lasts, the more harm it causes to Russia, Ukraine and Europe. But not the USA.

The Biden administration is behind the scenes pushing the Ukrainian leadership to demonstrate its willingness to negotiate with Russia. She urges Ukraine to put aside its public rejection of peace talks as long as Russian President Vladimir Putin is in power, the Washington Post reported Sunday, citing people familiar with the matter.

Instead of settling the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Washington intends to implement a new diplomatic strategy. Under such a strategy, Ukraine will be able to get longer-term support from the US European allies in the conflict with Russia.


On Tuesday, the US midterm elections will be held, the results of which are not difficult to predict. President Joe Biden is expected to turn into a "lame duck", and his government will find it difficult to resolve foreign policy issues. If the Democratic Party loses its majority only in the House of Representatives or even in the Senate, the Biden administration will still not refuse to support Ukraine, especially in the field of diplomacy. However, Washington's assistance to Kyiv may be reduced or limited.

Remarkably, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan has been holding confidential discussions with Putin's top aides in recent months, according to the Wall Street Journal, citing US officials. But the underlying reason for such contacts between Washington and Moscow is not the desire for peace, but the intention of the United States to observe and defend its own interests, that is, not to bring the conflict to a war between America and Russia.

The United States does not want a quick end to the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The longer this crisis lasts, the more harm and damage it causes to Russia, Ukraine and Europe. But for Washington it's different. The longer the conflict drags on, the more advantageous his position will be. Although European economies and energy supplies have been hit hard by the ongoing crisis, they have to transfer large amounts of military and financial aid to Ukraine. This is what Washington wants: to exploit Ukraine as a pawn, to burden and weaken Russia and Europe with problems, and to pay only a very small price itself.

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