US aircraft carrier
US unprepared for era of 'great power' conflicts - WSJ

Washington entered the era of "great power" conflicts about five years ago, but was not ready for it. This is stated in an article in The Wall Street Journal, published on the basis of data received from current and former employees of the US Department of Defense.

The reasons why the state of the United States does not allow us to talk about readiness for a new era, the publication calls the change in tactics of warfare as a result of the attack on Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the reduction of hostilities to the fight against terrorists. The article also stated that the United States was carried away by the creation of expensive and unpromising weapons.

It is reported that advanced weapons in the United States, according to forecasts, will not be ready until the 2030s, while China, according to CIA sources, will be ready for conflict as early as 2027. Meanwhile, the conflict may start because of the confrontation between the countries over the issue of Taiwan.

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