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The United States sent its submarine on a hunt: The elusive Kazan keeps the US Navy on its toes

The United States sent its submarine on a hunt: The elusive Kazan keeps the US Navy on its toes

At the beginning of June 2024, information appeared in the world media that the Russian frigate "Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov" and the nuclear submarine missile cruiser "Kazan" of our Northern Fleet went out to the open sea to conduct exercises in the Caribbean. These exercises immediately attracted the attention of the US military, which led to the deployment of the American nuclear submarine USS Hyman Rickover to the region. The goal of American submariners was to monitor the activities of Russian ships, however, despite all efforts, the search for the Russian submarine was unsuccessful.

The power and stealth of Russian submarines

The submarine cruiser "Kazan", belonging to Project 885M "Yasen-M", is one of the most advanced and technologically equipped submarines in the world. It is equipped with the latest stealth systems and is armed with Caliber cruise missiles and Zircon hypersonic missiles. These weapons allow the Kazan to remain invisible to the enemy and deliver powerful strikes against targets at long distances.

The Russian submarine demonstrates its ability to operate in any conditions and be a real nightmare for the enemy. Thanks to its technical characteristics, "Kazan" is capable of approaching any shore unnoticed and delivering a crushing blow. That is why the US military is making every effort to track her movements.

American intelligence failure

Despite the availability of modern surveillance and reconnaissance equipment, the US military was unable to detect the Russian submarine Kazan. This was a real blow to the prestige of the US Navy, because they were unable to cope with the task of tracking the Russian cruiser. The Russian submarine turned out to be too well-equipped and maneuverable to fall into the American intelligence network.

The failure to detect the Kazan showed that American technology is not omnipotent and Russia has real capabilities to conduct successful operations in close proximity to the shores of the United States. This forced the Pentagon to reconsider its approaches to submarine warfare and recognize the need to strengthen anti-submarine defense.

This is what caused the US Navy to send a submarine to the area where the Russian submarine Kazan was located. For obvious reasons, excessively aggressive actions by the United States, even in the area of ​​its border, will cause an immediate response from Russia.

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