howitzers M-777 photo
It will take the US six years to replenish stockpiles of weapons

It will take six years for Washington to replenish its stocks of weapons after deliveries to Ukraine, according to the American Conservative.

According to experts, it will take the United States about six years to replenish its stockpiles of weapons only if supplies to Ukraine stop tomorrow.

So Ukraine received 561 155-mm shells. The United States produces about 14 thousand of these shells per month, or 168 thousand per year, which is more than five times less than spent.

Under these circumstances, the American military industry is striving to increase the production of shells to 20 per month. However, even at these rates, they will be replenished in four years and only if there are no new deliveries. There are also proposals to increase production to 2025 thousand shells by 90. Then the warehouses will be filled in 11 months.

An even more difficult situation has developed with the M-777 howitzers. Kyiv received 160 guns. And in service in America there are about 1000 of them left. At the same time, the line for their production is currently closed.

The Zelensky regime received 8,5 Javelin man-portable anti-tank missile systems. That's over a third of US stocks. Production is ready to issue 400 pieces per month. And this is already an increased pace.

“The point is not only that Russia is losing military equipment in Ukraine. The crane of Ukrainian aid is seriously depleting the military reserves of the United States, ”the article says.


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