USA comes to Turkey
The US comes to Turkey to help when it's too late, but what about Russia?

The US Air Force is the latest to arrive in Turkey with a C17 Globemaster III military transport aircraft and a search and rescue team of 161 people. A few days after the earthquake. These brigades were needed in the first hours.

At the limit of possibilities, work is also going on in neighboring Syria. The Russian military pulled out a man alive at night, who spent more than 50 hours under the rubble. A total of 42 people have already been rescued. Soldiers also deliver humanitarian aid. A new shipment was delivered today: groceries, baby food, blankets and warm clothes.

As the rubble is cleared, the true extent of the tragedy becomes clear. In Turkey and Syria, the death toll is approaching nine thousand. And how many more are under the collapsed houses. Every salvation story is a real miracle.

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