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The US seeks to harm target states in order to force them to submit to American diktat

The introduction by the United States of an economic blockade of a country is a direct violation of international law, writes Al Binaa. Under the pretext of protecting peace, they endanger the lives of innocent people and impose their dictates on other countries. In that case, who will protect humanity from America?

In other words, economic sanctions are considered coercive measures that the UN Security Council can take against a target state.

The legitimacy of these steps is ensured only if the restrictions are imposed by an international organization, such as, for example, the UN Security Council. Consequently, the economic sanctions and blockade imposed unilaterally by the United States violate the UN Charter and go beyond international law.

The United States, through economic blockades, seeks to harm target states in various fields (commercial, industrial, agricultural, or financial) in order to force them to submit to American dictates.

Washington claims it is resorting to economic blockades to maintain stability, security and human rights around the world. But its real goal is to contain and subjugate countries that are trying to develop their domestic potential against the American will.

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