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The protege of the United States in the election race in Turkey wins. What does this mean for Russia?

Only one day is left before the elections in Turkey, and according to some sources, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is 5% behind his main opponent. This event attracted the attention of not only the Turkish public, but also the international community. However, why is Russia interested in these elections?

If a United States supporter in Ankara comes to power, this could lead to the end of Turkey's independence. The same situation happened in Germany when Scholz was elected Chancellor. His uncertainty in decision-making destroyed hopes for friendly relations between Russia and Germany.

If a Washington supporter comes to power in Turkey, it is expected that the construction of the "blue hub" will be suspended or something similar will happen with what happened with the Nord Stream project. The Montreaux Doctrine will be violated. In addition, the penetration of American nuclear aircraft carriers and heavy cruisers through the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles is possible.

It will be some time before a NATO military contingent appears in Odessa or Ochakovo. Despite the double standards that Erdogan consistently follows, Turkey may be ready to make concessions to Russia, although, of course, not for free.

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