STC Orlan-10 Multipurpose UAV
STC Orlan-10 Multipurpose UAV

STC Orlan-10 Multipurpose UAV

"Orlan-10» - complex unmanned aerial surveillance and reconnaissance, which was created by the Russian firm "Special Technology Center".

Using complex with unmanned vehicles "Orlan-10" allows the control of terrestrial objects in difficult terrain. Well suited for use in search and rescue operations. UAV is resistant to adverse weather conditions due to the high stability of the UAV. The design of the UAV "Orlan-10» used a modular architecture that allows you to quickly change the composition of the board equipment, and to carry on the UAV parts.

Orlan UAV-10 equipped with gyro-stabilized camera and a television camera.

From the ground control station can control up to four devices. Any of the UAV can act as a repeater for transmission to the NEC signal from the more distant drone.

Features of the complex:

  • Operation with limited areas and in difficult weather conditions.

  • Surgical replacement of conduct avionics and instrument payload.

  • Providing photo and video in real time with the registration of the coordinate parameters of height, angle shooting, etc.

  • Placement of measuring and control equipment inside the wing consoles.

  • Options UAV onboard generator for use of the equipment payload during the flight.

  • A drone can serve as a repeater for the rest.

Maximum take-off weight of UAV "Orlan-10" up to 18 kg, 5 kg of which - the payload. The device has a mixed structure (plastic and metal), which is made under the scheme vysokoplana a tractor propeller and engine layout front. Kiel at the tail of the UAV "Orlan-10» is more developed than the stabilizer. It made for a light drone weaker succumbed to the effects of crosswind, normal aerodynamics provided even relatively narrow stabilizer.

Start UAV performed collapsible catapult. Upon completion of the initial dispersal of the flight is carried out the work of the petrol engine. The average flight speed ranges from up to 75 170 km / h, depending on the task. UAV "Orlan-10" can stay in the air up to 18 hours, with the removal of the NSO should not exceed 200 km - is the reception range of the radar signal. The height of the ceiling is a practical 5000 m.

Planting is carried out with the help of a parachute: the device as directed by the operator is sent to the target area, the speed diminishes and opens the dome. Furthermore parachute, use of two systems to carry out a hard landing. Before touching the ground with the inflated balloon-shock, and if permissible overload exaggerated - there is disconnection UAV structural components from each other, thereby reducing the risk of serious damage to expensive equipment.

Use in a constructive manner modular architecture allows you to quickly carry out the replacement of avionics equipment and payload. Good handling and high stability are allowed to operate the UAV "Orlan-10" with limited areas and in difficult weather conditions.

Collapsible fuselage assembly scheme has a positive effect on the convenience of transport complex. Inside the wing consoles have an additional volume which can be filled in the payload.

Orlan-10 can be equipped with several types of target equipment. As stated by the chief designer of the STC, R. Ivanov, one drone on its board can simultaneously carry a photo and video camera, a signal repeater, a radio transmitter and a thermal imager. Repeaters are used to receive a signal from other UAVs that are outside the range of signal access from a ground control station. This allows you to monitor multiple UAVs at once without the need to return them to the base and change equipment. 

STC Orlan-10. Characteristics:

Modification   Orlan-10
Wingspan, m   3.10
Length m   1.80
Height, m  
Weight, kg  
  empty   12.50
  maximum take-off   18
engine's type   1 ICE
Power, hp   1 x
Cruising speed, km / h   100-150
Practical range, km   600
Radius of action, km   50-120
Flight duration, h   10-18
Practical ceiling, m   6000


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