STC Orlan-3 Multipurpose UAV
STC Orlan-3 Multipurpose UAV

STC Orlan-3 Multipurpose UAV

"Orlan-3» - complex unmanned aerial surveillance and reconnaissance UAV as developed by the Russian company "Special technology center."
Purpose UAV "Orlan-3» is to use it as a vehicle to develop aircomplexes to carry video, aerial photographs and other tasks.

The modular architecture allows you to vary the arrangement, the composition of the board equipment, and changing the payload. Due to sealing module control system and payload, made of composite materials, the service life of the equipment managed to extend even with regular use of UAVs.

The automatic control system provides control apparatus for payload and avionics thus obtained photographic and video data along with recording the shooting settings greatly facilitate further processing and allow for crosslinking of the frame in an automatic mode using a program "TopoAksis".


  • Good handling and high stability.

  • Hot-ended payload and avionics.

  • The ability to use UAVs in severe weather conditions and launch with limited areas.

  • Providing photo and video recording with the current coordinates, altitude and others. Parameters.

  • Placement within the wing consoles wide range of instrumentation.

  • The ability to manage from a single station 4 UAVs simultaneously.

  • Using the on-board generator for resistive loads

  • Any UAV can operate as a repeater for the rest.

Good handling and high stability allow the use of UAV "Orlan-3" with limited areas and in difficult weather conditions.

The assembly scheme power plant located on the pylon, which has a positive impact on solving the problems and increases the safety of staff.

STC Orlan-3. Characteristics:

Modification   Orlan-3
Wingspan, m   2.10
Length m   1.45
Height, m   0.40
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off   5.5
engine's type   1 ICE
Power, hp   X 1 1.3
Cruising speed, km / h   130
Practical range, km  
Radius of action, km   50
Flight duration, h   2
Practical ceiling, m   7000


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