STC Orlan-3M Multipurpose UAV
STC Orlan-3M Multipurpose UAV

STC Orlan-3M Multipurpose UAV

"Orlan-3M" is a UAV for a video, and is a modernized version of the unmanned "Orlan-3», which was created by the Russian company "Special technology center."

Purpose UAV "Orlan-3M" is to use it as a support in the implementation of planned and panoramic video and aerial photography, as well as other similar tasks.

Automated control system and instrumentation information and provide photo and video, providing the current parameters (height, position, frame number, angle, etc.). This information greatly simplify further processing and allow the process of linking frames in the automatic format.

UAV "Orlan-3M" is equipped with a generator, through which you can take advantage of resistive loads throughout the flight.

The creators have applied the principle of modular construction, which allows the rapid replacement of the payload without any problems.

UAV "Orlan-3M" can be equipped with the following options payload:

  • gyrostabilized TV camera;

  • thermal imager;

  • camcorder;

  • Camera.

Ground control point from which you direct control of the UAV can be made in three versions:

  • stationary;

  • mobile;

  • portable.

From one control point, you can control the 4 UAV at the same time. The launch of the “Orlan-3M” unmanned vehicle is performed from a collapsible catapult, the landing is performed using a parachute. 

STC eagle 3M. Characteristics:

Modification   Orlan-3M
Wingspan, m   2.10
Length m   1.50
Height, m   0.40
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off   7
engine's type   1 ICE
Power, hp   X 1 1.3
Cruising speed, km / h   150
Practical range, km   100
Radius of action, km   50
Flight duration, h   3
Practical ceiling, m   7000


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