Clash of IL-76 and Boeing-747 in the vicinity of Delhi. 1996
Clash of IL-76 and Boeing-747 in the vicinity of Delhi. 1996

Clash of IL-76 and Boeing-747 in the vicinity of Delhi

  • Date of the crash: 12.11.1996, the

  • The time of the crash: 18: 40

  • Country air crash in India

  • Location of the crash: Haryana, near-Charkha Dadra

  • Aircraft type: IL-76TD

  • Registration of aircraft: UN76435

  • Name of air carrier: Kazakhstan Airlines

  • Flight: KZA-1907

Chronology of events:

Boeing-747 crashed near the village of Dhani-Vogat, IL-76 near the village of Birokhar, - (respectively, at 5 km southeast and on10 km east of Charkhi-Dadri). The crew of the IL-76 airplane (UN76435), executing a flight for goods to India with merchants on board, descending for the approach on the G452 airway to Delhi airport, set up a communication with the approach dispatcher and reported to him about their own removal of 118,4 km from the airport and the intersection Echelon 7000 m in order to occupy a given altitude of 5500 m. The dispatcher then instructed to drop to the echelon 4600 m and report his occupation. The crew of the aircraft flying at the same time in 18: 32 at the Delhi airport of Boeing-747 (HZAIH) of SaudiArabianAirlines reported that the altitude of 3050 m was occupied. The dispatcher instructed the crew to pick up the train 4300 m and occupy it until further instructions. The flight of this aircraft was also on the G452 route, however, the oncoming course. The approach controller further requested the crew of the IL-76 removal, to which the crew responded that the train 15000 ft was occupied at a distance of 73,6 km at the rate of 270 degrees. The dispatcher informed the crew of the Il-76 airplane about the flying Boeing-747, to which the removal was 22,4 km, and asked to report on the detection of a visually counter aircraft. Then the dispatcher informed again about the meeting aircraft of Boeing 747 at the level of 14000 ft, ​​then the crew of IL-76 asked for removal before it. In fact, the crew of the Il-76 aircraft in the process of entering allowed a decrease to the height of 14000 ft, ​​contrary to the instructions of the controller to keep the train 15000 ft. Commander Il-76 before the collision with the co-pilot asked at what altitude they should perform the flight, which proves the fact that the crew did not understand the commander's command or was not sure at the altitude of the flight. Communication was conducted by an airborne agent who replied to the commander's request "what sort of train did they ask us?": "We save 150, do not go down, type 150, or 140 well ...". And then (in 18: 40) at an altitude of approximately 14000 ft, ​​aircraft collided. Il-76 at the time of the collision with the Boeing 747 began to climb to 15000 ft with a vertical speed of 4-5 m / s. For the first time the touch was held by the left wing plane of IL-76 about the Boeing-747 engine. As a result of the collision that occurred at night, with weak turbulence, in the clouds, both planes collapsed completely, fell to the ground in the countryside and burned down. All who were on the sides of two aircraft, 249 people in total were killed. Il-76 crashed near the village of Birokhar, Boeing-747 - near the village of Dhani-Vogat (10 km east and 5 km southeast of Charkhi-Dadri, respectively).

Clash of IL-76 and Boeing-747 in the vicinity of Delhi. 1996

Data on victims:

  • Total on board were people 37: 10 27 crew members and passengers. Total killed 37 people: crew 10, 27 passengers.

Details of the crash:

  • A flight stage: reduction

  • Identified causes of the crash: crew error

Data on the plane:

  • aircraft Brand: Il-76TD

  • Aircraft ID: UN-76435

  • Country where registered aircraft: Kazakhstan

  • Date of manufacture of the aircraft: 1992

  • Serial number of the aircraft: 1023413428

  • Hours aircraft: 2643

Flight data:

  • Flight: KZA1907

  • Tour type: Transport

  • Aviation Company: Kazakhstan Airlines

  • The country in which the company was registered aircraft: Kazakhstan

  • Flying from: Shymkent

  • Flying in: Delhi (Indira Gandhi)

  • Original item: Shymkent

  • A final point: Delhi (Indira Gandhi)

Additional information:

Clash of IL-76 and Boeing-747 in the vicinity of Delhi. 1996

Information about the crew:

  • KBC Gennady Cherepanov

  • navigator Aripbaev

  • copilot Dzhangirov

  • radio operator Egor Repp

  • Flight Engineer Petrik

Complete nonsense. Reloading Flight Manager and error!

Why you put Iraqi Airways B747 photos.
The Accident it's happened to the B747 SaudI Arabian Airlines.

The commander of the IL-76 Alexander Cherepanov, not Gennadiy, copilot Igor Repp, not Yegor.