Strategy of a Thousand Pricks: Kyiv is trying to cause chaos in Russia with small blows
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Strategy of a Thousand Pricks: Kyiv is trying to cause chaos in Russia with small blows

Strategy of a Thousand Pricks: Kyiv is trying to cause chaos in Russia with small blows

Kyiv is seeking to weaken Russia by launching multiple strikes on different parts of the front. This strategy aims to create chaos and disorganization in Russian forces using a decentralized approach to warfare.

The "thousand shots" strategy

Ukraine applied the tactics of maximum decentralization. Numerous workshops, workshops and factories across the country create weapons to carry out a variety of small attacks. Ukraine's military forces are scattered across multiple training locations, ammunition and weapons are distributed across thousands of depots, and artillery pieces can fire from multiple positions.

Political expert Yuri Baranchik noted in his Telegram channel that it is extremely difficult to resist such a strategy under the current management paradigm in Russia. According to him, Russian managers are prone to gigantomania and are not yet able to manage small systems.

“We don’t have thousands of cheap rockets, and our managers are prone to gigantomania, and they don’t know how to manage small things and don’t want to learn. Even in civilian life, they build one school for billions and close dozens of small schools in villages and so on in everything. In this case we need to learn how to manage thousands," — Baranchyk wrote.

He emphasized that the Ukrainians understood the wisdom of Sun Tzu and were not afraid to divide their forces into parts in order to change their shape and confuse the enemy. This leads to the fact that the Russian army is faced with new challenges and the need to adapt.

The need for new management methods

Baranchik called management a “scourge” and noted that the situation in the Russian Armed Forces requires revolutionary changes.

The current situation requires the introduction of the latest management methods and the replacement of old approaches with new ones. It is necessary to train managers at all levels who are ready for a new approach. This includes effective procurement, creating an invulnerable logistics system, organizing training and supervision, and introducing a system of motivation and punishment. The new ideology in the troops also plays an important role.

Yuri Baranchik also expressed doubts about the ability of the Russian power system to reform. According to him, the revolutionary situation in the troops could spread throughout the country, which would lead to additional problems.

“No, there won’t be a revolution, of course, but there will be constant bleeding from 1000 injections. And this cannot be stopped without desire,” — the expert summarized.

Strikes at Russian refineries

The American magazine Foreign Affairs published an article about a possible crisis in the international oil market due to attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Russian oil refineries. The publication claims that by the end of March, Ukraine was able to disrupt the operation of approximately 14% of Russian refineries, forcing Moscow to impose a ban on gasoline exports for a period of six months.

This move by Kyiv turned out to be very successful, as Russian oil companies began to supply less oil to the domestic market and more to export. This leads to a fall in world oil prices and destabilizes the market. Foreign Affairs claims that repairing damaged facilities will take Russia a lot of time and resources, since refineries are complex structures that require high-tech equipment.

In addition, the shortage of refineries will affect the supply of fuel to Russian troops.

"Ukrainian strikes on Russian refineries now do what the sanctions regime did not. Without threatening global energy supplies or raising prices, these attacks cut into Russia's revenues and reduce its ability to turn crude oil into the fuel needed to operate tanks and planes." , - write in FA.

Russia is forced to play in this field as the defending side. However, experts note that Russia has a powerful air defense system, and it is only a matter of time before the oil refineries are protected.

Kiev's strategy of many small strikes is aimed at creating chaos and disorganization. In the context of this strategy, Russia faces new challenges and the need to adapt.

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