The flight attendant training. How to become a flight attendant?
The flight attendant training. How to become a flight attendant?

The flight attendant training. How to become a stewardess (flight attendant)?



Let's start in order:

  1. Choose the airline in which you want to work. Visit the official website. Look, there is a set or not. By the way about private schools that teach. I do not advise anyone to go there, if you do not have any age restrictions. An unprepared flight attendant at the age of thirty is unlikely to take the airline for initial training. And if you already go through schooling, then the age bracket will increase. That is, they take not up to 26-27 years, but to 32-33. If you graduate from these private schools, you still have to retrain for 2-3 weeks in the airline. You will also have to undertake trainee flights if this school does not provide such an opportunity.

How to become a flight attendant

The contract is also being signed. That is, if you study from an airline, the contract is from 3 to 5 years (depending on the company), and they pay anywhere from 60 to 180 thousand. This is what I have heard from my colleagues. If there is a two-, three-week retraining, if you are an active flight attendant or have completed school, then you will have a contract for a year. That's how I have a year at TransAirna. And for training (if I quit) I will have to 20-25 thousand. Of course, it is better to study directly from the airline. Moreover, you get used to everything, how the work is structured, because then it is more difficult to retrain. From my own experience I will say that I constantly recalled my previous training at Aeroflot and all the teams. It was difficult to retrain them all.

On the site in the section "Vacancies" we look at the requirements, adequately assess them, of course, without belittling ourselves - clearly and adequately. Requirements are approximately the same everywhere, but may differ:

  • secondary education, vocational, higher, incomplete higher education;
  • the presence of the passport;
  • certain level of proficiency in spoken English;
  • no tattoos on exposed parts of the body;
  • citizenship (if Russian airlines are going to get, then the citizenship of Russia or Belarus);
  • you should approach all medical requirements.

How to become a flight attendant

Next, fill in the form or send resume to this company forward an invitation for an interview.

How to become a flight attendant ... go on ...

  1. We go to the interview. It begins, like all normal. You are asked to tell about themselves, about their experiences, hobbies, education.

Next English. Different companies in different tests knowledge of the English language. This may be a test, or you will be asked to read the text, or they can ask questions in English. For example: "What did you do last Friday at five o'clock? How to cook soup? What can you say about the political situation in our country? "Questions can be completely different, here you can not guess. So you need good English.

How to become a flight attendant

After successfully passed the interview, you are given direction on VLEK (medical-year-old expert committee). If it is you have not passed at the time of the interview and the beginning of studies, you will pass it. You have to have time to pass VLEK per month. Practice shows that it is possible to pass from five days and more, all different. Expect a couple of weeks. Be sure to check out these health requirements.

  1. Well, the most interesting - this study. This flurry of emotions. She goes all day, and then be taught the theory that all good pass. There's a very interesting topic: emergency training, psychology, medicine, swimming, jumping from ladders, fire fighting. Education is very extensive and fascinating.

  2. Then you will have trainee flights. As trainees, you will have to fly off about thirty hours. At this time you will walk, study everything carefully, ask questions, and you will be constantly asked. They will follow your every action, give you marks after each flight. These ratings you show in your airline. They look like you flew away, good or bad. If the result is negative, then you will put another flight - for certainty, to fasten. The main thing is to get to work, try to learn more, ask more. Because it is better, as long as you are an intern, to find out everything, than later, when you are already an acting flight attendant, and something you will not know will be ashamed. Therefore, get to work on one hundred percent and try to help all that is possible, to the current conductors.

After internships flight you will have a serious, strong commission, which you will assign the title of a flight attendant. Will ask questions, mainly concerning the rescue training. Then you assign the title of a flight attendant. Some companies have the final banquet, in others not.

How to become a flight attendant 2

Some companies provide for non-resident or a hostel or a hotel or a rented apartment for the period of study. That's all you need to know directly from the airline. Cabin crew have a lot of different benefits. The main thing - to know and feel free interest.

Hopefully my video will be useful to you. I wish you all success. I wish to enforce their dreams and all the best. Replenish our ranks! We always welcome new flight attendants. This is a very cool job.

The initial stage. How to become a flight attendant?


World wide enough jobs. It provides an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to get the most benefit. Each profession requires a special relationship, especially a certain professional level and training.


So, get a job as a stewardess in the airline is not so difficult. The initial stage for this can be quite an attractive appearance, as well as an initial knowledge of English. This is true, with the emergency recruitment of staff for flight attendants, airlines pay little attention to the basic qualities that are required for employees of this profession. Everything is not as simple as it seems. When an airline announces a wide range of employees for flight attendants, this does not mean that a person who has passed a difficult selection will immediately proceed to his post, the performance of flight attendant duties.

The flight attendant training. How to become a flight attendant?


All only begins when the selected employees undergo a preparatory stage for the full development of the profession. Then, each flight attendant training takes place, we can say in extreme conditions, when everything is new and hard mentor requires high levels of development of the profession. So, initially, it is not a job, and training. First of all, you need a deep knowledge of a foreign language. This requirement is mandatory, even if the airline does not comply with international flights.


Further objects of study is the aircraft and services. This is necessary to obtain a certificate that allows the flight attendant, fly it at a certain type of aircraft. Training involves a lot of different issues. This can be a self-service breakfast to passengers in a plane, so that delivery and acceptance on board the aircraft.

The flight attendant training. How to become a flight attendant?


All situations are foreseen, and clear instructions have been developed that allow the airline employee to gain confidence. After completing the training, the applicant passes the certification commission, which accepts or rejects a certain candidate, and confirms the qualifications. Only after the qualification has been assigned, the entry into the profession of the employee begins.

The flight attendant training. How to become a flight attendant?


Profession flight attendants quite prestigious. Employees of different sexes and different ages are employed in it. This is a fairly skilled and hard work, which provides all the most hard work, which allows the airline to advertise its activities, as well as perform quality services in the airline industry.


If you really want to prepare for an interview with the flight attendant (she is a flight attendant), then my advice is to go straight to Olga Reshetnikova. She has her own channel on YouTube (called EnglishSky), there are a lot of videos on all topics that interest future flight attendants. There are very effective courses where all the questions of the English language commission have already been sorted out and answers are given. All the links on her channel will be found. It works not only with Russian airlines, but also with Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways and Etihad. I know many who studied it and really settled.

Before the first salary seems an eternity. First training in SkayDzhete, later studying at the ATC, probationer ... But perhaps it's worth it.

I would not say that the profession is difficult. Just a very risky, and in which case, it may take even self-sacrifice for the salvation of the passenger.
I guess a lot of girls dream of this kind of work, but the requirements are very high. For example, I even increase slightly below. And what should be a good knowledge of the language (s!).

How tall are you?