Stewardess. Advantages and disadvantages.
Stewardess. Advantages and disadvantages.

Stewardess. Advantages and disadvantages.



Each profession, which is chosen according to the desire of the heart, seems to be the most unique and gives great pleasure. Also the profession of a flight attendant, it seems bright and cloudless for most young people who are looking for work in the aviation industry. So, let's figure out which ones are advantages and disadvantages in professeii stewardess.

Aeroflot stewardess

This profession is quite popular and deserves authority among others; there are enough advantages here that make a person devote his whole life to this area.

The next plus is the opportunity to visit many parts of the world for free, and if you stay in one country for several days - the opportunity to study it in detail. But all this is exclusively for travel lovers.


Natalia Makarshin divided on the pros and cons of the profession:


A good pension scheme is also one of the benefits that attracts people to the profession. Personal travel bonuses (Depending on the airline).

Finally, Romance! Romance! Romance!

The drawbacks, perhaps there is greater than the benefits. This is primarily the health burden (Eventually begin to suffer the ears, the hair appears varicose veins, pressure, women's issues).

Stewardess. Advantages and disadvantages.


The profession of a flight attendant requires constant self-improvement. In addition to the visible part of the work being performed, there is also the invisible part. This is the part that is associated with attending various courses and trainings, passing certification, obtaining permits to fly on various types of aircraft, training in foreign language courses and transporting dangerous goods. Thus, the stewardess may not rise into the sky for a month.

Aeroflot stewardess

Due to a long absence from the home, young people who work in this area may experience complications in terms of family relationships.  

The financial part of this profession is not as bright as it seems: the flight attendants get not so much.

Working with people is always difficult. The conscientious fulfillment of one's duties may not find proper understanding among passengers and cause resentment and bad attitude. This profession is not one of the simple ones, therefore only a person who truly loves the sky is ready to endure and enjoy this profession.     


Stewardess Alina

Pros and cons of the profession "stewardess" portal Avia.Pro opened Alina Kruminja (Stewardess Etihad)

And here everything is very subjective. Everyone in this work is looking for its pros and cons. 



For me, the pros: 

1) Unregulated schedule. 
2) each time new flights.
3) Constantly changing crew. 
4) You do not need to get up early in the morning, usually flights during the day or at night. 


1) No weekend (sub / Sunday) and holidays. 
2) Long layovers. I do not like to travel. 
3) Too few reversal flights. 
4) There is no possibility to plan your studies / driving, etc. 

In general, all individually. Someone on the contrary loves to travel and loves to come to work in 12 night.

(Read an interview with Alina)


And now the whole truth and a little more minuses:

"You came here to work, not to travel"

At first, there was enthusiasm, I wanted to travel everywhere, see everything. Now I just want to sleep in the hotel. The same routes, the same cities, I've already seen everything. If the flight is short, after landing in the airplane, cleaning is done and immediately fly back. If the flight lasts more than five hours - this is called "business trip". Then the break between flights can last from 12 hours to four days, including rest. Most often, we only have time to sleep in a hotel, go to the store and eat. Nobody forbids to go to the country instead of sleep, but the next day you will be none. As they say to us: "You came here to work, and not to travel."

Where else will they take without experience for a salary of 70 rubles? Only if # $ # $ # $ stand

View the world can be on vacation. The main bonus of working in the airline - we pay about 30% off the regular rates. We provide tickets "on replanting" if there are no places - do not fly away. But you can see the pre-loading on the aircraft and to estimate the odds. One time there was no place, and I flew to the "station" (folding seat for flight attendants). We, flight crews, are entitled to. But in terrestrial airline workers, which also give discounted tickets, no such right. Privilege questionable: almost eight to nine hours to sit on a stool.
Some flight attendants when passengers fly, to help manage "their" in the kitchen. This is dangerous: if there is no notice of human forms - can be fined. Some, on the contrary, rest on all cylinders. Once our flight attendants flying on holiday, drank and brawled. They are, however, not fired, but permanently deprived of the right to discount tickets.


Complaining is impossible - immediately calculate

Attitude to us by the authorities completely disregard. There was only one major airline - one position is now tens of applicants. If a passenger wrote a complaint to 90% blame you. There are a department, which investigates complaints, ring up passengers - ask clarify ... all for the client. If you decide that you are to blame, will cut salaries for six months or will fly to Russia - every day in Samara, for example.
Where do you go? Where else will they take without experience on salary in 70 000 rubles? Only if # $ # $ # $ stand. So you do what you say. So, now due to the fact that “there is a heated situation in the world,” we ourselves remove airplanes in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Why the “heated situation” affects these cities is unknown. 
You can not go on strike, you can not complain - just calculate. One colleague left unhappy comment on the social network, it immediately called to the authorities - explained.


Better to fly patients

When we go through a serious employment medical examination, just like the astronauts. Check hearing, sight, vestibular system, the psyche. But then all spit on our health. For example, it is believed that the flight across the Atlantic is very harmful because accumulating radiation. Previously only allowed to fly there twice a year. Who is behind this no one was watching, they could put four of New York in a row.

If the flight is long, one of the pilots goes to sleep in the "business" - special places are allocated for them. 

We are working without rest, although the ten-hour flight, we have two seats in the end "economy". Given that the flight catering is offered every three hours, and at the team 12 people get all 20 minutes of rest on everyone, so no one this right does not enjoy.

Usually, two of them - the commander and co-pilot. We have every 15 minutes to go check that they do not fall asleep

It happens that we sleep only a few hours for two days. For example, if the weather is bad, we have to make landing in another city. In this case, we carry about with the passengers to their hotels until the weather improves, and it will be possible to continue the flight. But if, because of an emergency landing gets off work schedule, and shift crew can not replace us - work and on the way back, almost without rest.
If, during the medical examination before the flight at flight attendants jumps pressure, with the flight take off. You fly back to the passenger, then you go to the hospital to be surveyed - for you it will be nothing, but do not pay. If you just have a headache or a slight cold, it is better to fly sick.


Pilots nobody likes

Every day when I come to work, I have a new colleague. State 10 000 people, 20 flights in one direction per day - small chance that you will get one plane with those with whom flew before.
Pilots nobody likes. We fly, for example, a half hour, we have a complete business-class, and they do not care: "Feed me." Understand the pilots - a rarity. I try on a minimum communicate with them, and, if working in a business-class, negotiate with the oldest, so I cooked, and it belongs.
Pilots generally were talking with managers, exhibit high. Usually, two of them - the commander and co-pilot. We have every 15 minutes to go check that they do not fall asleep. If one of them comes out of the cab, one of us sits down in his place.
I had no relationship with the pilots. While many a long time there, even getting married. Often pilots fly with their wives, flight attendants or lovers - you can ask to be together in the planned flight.


Change a class of service for a bribe

According to the rules it is forbidden to be on board in a state of intoxication. If we see that someone leans on alcohol, we select the bottle and return only after the flight. But often alcohol pour out printed packets Duty Free on the sly. Sometimes, you notice that the glass is wet (paper cups get wet from the spirits) or by human smell, but something you have to take the right, but if you see a bottle with an appropriate label. We can not say: "I know that you have a stake in the whiskey" - can not prove, but still can write a complaint. The maximum you can make a comment.
Earlier on board could change the class of service for a bribe, allow to smoke in the kitchen. Who is behind this is strictly monitored, and some ways to make there. Although once we flew to Paris and one couple stashed his bottle of wine. People solid, it was clear that is not going to get drunk. He came into the kitchen, holding out a thousand, "Can we have ice, please cup?".

When you accept an order in Business Class, you must sit down to be lower than passenger

If the couple retreated to the toilet, there are no rules by which we must expel her. So that you can use ... However, I have never had, although ten years already in the sky of the summer with her husband on vacation. Flight attendants are constantly scurrying around the kitchen (it is close) - is awkward. It is better that there was no one in the kitchen and everyone was asleep. Although the toilet is very easy to open without a key. But if it is an extreme case.
Serious problems are delivered only drunk. Somehow after the holidays flew the couple. Husband and wife got drunk, had a fight and began to fight. We took from them a bottle, made the remark - and all. In fact, it is relying call the airport police and accompany them to the police station. But who wants to go do not get much after a long flight, spend their time? If strongly rowdy and there is a risk for passengers, decided by the commander. It may, for example, to make an emergency landing - all tickets are void, the culprit pays for spent fuel on landing, taking him to the police.


I must sit down to be lower than passenger

As a rule, we distribute in advance: the team gain some of the usual flight attendants and those who passed the exam to work in the business office. If there are none (except the senior flight attendants) are chosen according to seniority or volunteers - not everyone likes to work in the "business".
When you accept an order in Business Class, you must sit down to be lower than the passenger, and not from above to ask: "What will you?" So, if you want to bend your back, go to the "business". This is not required, but recommended.
Some passengers identified for special treatment. Do airlines have gold, silver, platinum cards. They are issued to those who frequently fly, and mean all sorts of privileges: Expectations VIP-hall, a comfortable chair, a program of discounts and bonuses ... But on the plane, these cards do not mean anything. The best we can do for the passenger - transplant it in a more comfortable seat, if left free.


The most fun - the Chinese

In fact, the most terrible passengers - Russian: constantly asking for something and ask. Foreigners quieter. The Chinese are the coolest: always cheerful, neither in Russian nor in English do not speak, just smile. Now, in the crisis, mainly among foreigners fly.
Most annoying when passengers ask any nonsense. Offering drinks, always list the range of products: apple juice / tomato / orange, water, "Cola", "Sprite", but there will always be someone who asks: "A pineapple is?" Or, let's say, a long flight, early flight we give the menu for lunch and dinner. When breed food, ask the passenger, "What are you?" "What is?" Yes, all the same, what is written on the menu, not a ride anything!
Or here's another. The luggage compartment is a special compartment for the animals. Some call us and ask: "Look, how is he?" I feel like saying, "Now, just get out of the plane, climbed into the luggage compartment and see."
The business class has a wardrobe in "economy" - no. That is there, but only for our things. But the staff are always "good people" who say, "Okay, let me hang up your coat." And it starts: "I hung up the last time, and you, so-and-so, do not want to!" So I just behave as "evil", one owes nothing permission. Just in case.


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