What you did not know about the stewardess?
It was felt that the work of an air hostess - the most romantic and fascinating profession.


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They come in such parts of our planet, where many will never be able to get there. They spend a lot of time with the celebrities. They live in expensive hotels. Their work involves the risk, and they retire early. They are not TV stars and not spies. They - the flight attendants and flight attendants.

Most often we use the term "flight attendant", borrowed from the English language. However, this post is officially called a "steward." Perhaps the term is borrowed because of romantic long-distance travel and high technology that characterize this profession, according to the books and films. But many of us, having got on the plane, for some reason think stewardesses / stewards something average between the maids and waiters. In fact, the main problem is to provide cabin attendant safety of passengers.

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The first flight attendants, flight attendants were Thumbelina. Their weight was no more than 52 kg, and they had a short stature. But no one was going to regret miniature employees. The flight attendants had to fill the air cell phones and took them into the hangar.

Since then much has changed. But now the weight and flight attendant increase should be proportionate. Too skinny girls do not take to flight attendants, despite the fact that the harmony is now in vogue. There are strict requirements on these indicators, with which you can read in detail by reading the articles in this section of our portal dedicated to aviation.

Of course, flight attendants must be very beautiful, because they are the face of the company. As practice shows, the attractive person more confidence. Therefore, girls who are going to learn this profession, we must also take care of the attractiveness of the figure. Particular preference in employment is given to graduates of the University of Foreign Languages ​​and medical institutions. It was also nice to have a certificate of completion of language courses. Spoken English - is one of the key requirements of employers.

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When applying for a job, as a rule, women held a competition consisting of three phases: an interview, Medical and psychological testing. Candidates must be balanced, welcoming and without medical contraindications to the profession. During the medical examination pay special attention to vision, nervous and cardiovascular systems. With regard to the verification of the vestibular apparatus, it is done in the office of an otolaryngologist, and not in a centrifuge (as many think).

The patient sits on a chair, and simply rotate his specialist 3 times around the axis, analysis of body position for future flight attendants, flight attendants. In the event that bends her head to the side, there is a serious breach in the functioning of the vestibular apparatus. As a result, the candidate for the post is sent to the additional examination.

Having passed all the tests, the future flight attendants, flight attendants sent for training (in most cases paid by the employer). Training programs in different centers coincide. The only difference - in the type of aircraft, which in practice are introduced candidates for the position. When changing to a different type of aircraft is required to retrain. In general, the position is quite difficult to find. It is necessary to constantly monitor the airlines, what, in fact, and will help you to our portal. However, during the search for a job the skills and knowledge may have lost or forgotten.

On the job training received people not younger than 18 years (men account for a much smaller share, on average, within 10%). The duration of the course Theoretical program - about 3 months practice - a few days. Prospective flight attendants, flight attendants are invited to learn English language course, which will help them to communicate in flight. Also it does not hurt to pull level and native language. However, the main program is an action in an emergency.

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The pilots are in the cockpit, and flight attendants - in the cabin. They have a different task. Flight attendants are responsible for the evacuation of passengers. And how quickly they do, it depends on many things. Such candidates are trained in all transport modes. Exactly the same situation with the help of pre-hospital, which is also given special attention.

Often it happens that during the flight the passenger becomes ill sharply. For such cases on board an aircraft provided first-aid kit, oxygen. The flight attendant should have an idea about first aid and skillfully provide it when needed.

Also in the training centers provide training on the water. They are necessary to the survival of the case, if the aircraft were forced to land on the water. Flight attendants learn to use jackets and rafts to assist passengers. Another integral part of the program - fire training. In case of force majeure flight attendants receive instruction.

Theoretical training program includes the traditions of different peoples and the basics of international law. For example, flight attendants, flight attendants, starting to work, can not but know that in Muslim countries need to keep a low profile so as not to offend their behavior or appearance of the religious feelings of believers. In addition, the behavior of the crew forms the airline's image, which is also always be remembered.

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Of course, work in the service sector is quite difficult, because customers come across different. During the execution of their duties can be heard in his address, even insults to which you can not answer. Therefore, part of the training program devoted to various psychological tactics and techniques. At the end of training - mandatory exam and obtain access to flights. The flight attendants do not trust inexperienced passengers immediately after the training, they must pass the flight instruction.

In the future, we have to constantly maintain a high level of professionalism. Typically, from time to time arrange for airline employees exams or tests and after a certain period of work sent to their training.

Each flight to the flight attendant, flight attendants - a serious test to which you want to prepare. And our portal will help you to achieve good results, and as much as possible to learn about this wonderful profession.

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