The Su-2. A photo. History. Characteristics.


The Su-2, or, as it is also called, BB-1, is a light bomber that was widely used during the Second World War. This machine was significantly different from cars of similar design at that time. The Su-2 aircraft has a larger view from the pilot's seat, which allows him to use the car more qualitatively and skillfully. Due to the review this device was often used as a spotter for our artillery. The novelty was the idea of ​​chief designer P. Sukhoi about moving all the bombs to the middle of the hull, which would increase the speed of the flight of the car. When developing the designers it was planned to make the machine entirely of metal. Unfortunately, this could not be done, because the metal was small.

History of the bomber Su-2

By developing new high-speed attack aircraft that was to fly long distances, began the winter 1936 years. The machine was in documents entitled "Smith". In 37 year to this project started PO Sukhoi, which has made some changes. Major changes have affected the power plant, as the designer has equipped this unit more reliable air-cooled engines of the M-62.

Su-2 planes

With regard to the time that was spent on the design and manufacture, it was very short. The first prototype was ready in six months after the start of project development. The first prototype of the Su-2 was lifted into the air in the summer of 1937 years. Ample time was spent on the completion of the engine, which is constantly breaking down. It is because of this engine the car is not admitted to the state tests.

After completions aircraft was tested in 1938 year and entered the factory to replace the engine. But the new engine of the same type on the second flight has failed, and the car crashed. After this incident, Su-2 started to equip a new, more reliable engines of the M-87. The new power plant has achieved high flying performance and pass state tests in 1939 year. The military were interested in this machine and decided about its mass production in Kharkiv and was appointed chief designer Pavel Sukhoi.

Su-2 photo

The first machines were like iron and wood elements in the design, as the metal lacked. Last machines equipped with more sophisticated engines. Production of these aircraft went very ambitious pace, since 1940 on 42 years 910 was released more units of this aircraft.

In addition, throughout the entire production time designers are constantly working on improvement and modernization of the machine. During WWII aircraft Su-2 widely used in military operations, and proved to be a quality fighting machine. 27 pilots who operate this unit, was awarded the highest award - the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Design features of the Su-2

The plane is made by the scheme cantilever glider with one motor. The body is made of metal and plywood, which saves the metal and facilitate the overall weight of the structure. The cockpit was closed fairing, which is equipped with a lantern. The fairing is made of Plexiglas, it provides an excellent overview of the pilots. Aircraft operated by two pilots, which are housed in two cabins with heating.

Su-2 2 photo

The wings are made of duralumin. Each wing is equipped with fuel tanks that can be serviced by a hatch in the wing. Keel plane is made of duralumin, like steering wing. The machine is paired, it allows you to operate the machine to each pilot. Chassis in Su-2 was cleaned in the internal recess by the actuator. The chassis of the aircraft consists of three poles.

Su-2 scheme

Power plant machinery is presented 14-cylinder engine model M-88, which is air-cooled. Engine power is 950 horsepower. The motor drives a three-bladed propeller, which has a diameter 3,35 meter.

As regards the hood, which covers the engine, it consists of two parts and is equipped with a skirt. The right side of the hood has an opening for the exhaust pipe. Top panel is the hood, which can be used to reach the fuel tank, located in the fuselage of the machine.

Su-2 monument

As for weapons, the aircraft has three machine guns 7,62 mm, one of which controls the second pilot. Some versions of the Su-2 machines were at the bottom of the hatch, which was located in the cabin of the navigator. With it, you can protect the bottom of the unit. As for the bomb that the plane was carrying, they were placed in the bomb bay and external bomb racks. The means of communication such as radio pilots was "Dvina", which was located in the cabin of the second pilot.

Su-2 Kharkteristika:

Modification   Su-2
Wingspan, m   14.30
Length m   10.46
Height, m   3.94
Wing area, m2   29.00
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   3220
  normal takeoff   4700
engine's type   1 PD Shvetsov M-82
Power, hp   X 1 1330
Maximum speed km / h  near the ground   430
Maximum speed km / h  on high   486
Cruising speed, km / h   459
Practical range, km   910
The maximum rate of climb, m / min   588
Practical ceiling, m   8400
Crew   2
Armament: Six 7.62-mm ShKAS machine guns (650 ammunition per barrel) 
 10 NURS PC-82 or PC-132 and / or 400 kg bombs


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