The Su-25 Rook. Photo. Story. Characteristics.


Aircraft model Su-25 a Soviet attack aircraft, and later in Russia. This armored unit was created specifically to support our military forces on the ground. This machine can carry out active combat operations, regardless of the time of day. In addition, it has the ability to conduct aimed fire at targets on the specified coordinates. This unit has a nickname in the ranks of the Russian Air Force - "Rook."

A brief chronology of the creation of aircraft Su-25

The design of the Su-25 engaged Sukhoi Design Bureau named a 70-ies. The project was launched due to the fact that the decision to recognize a mistake 56 years that the need to create fighter-bombers. When creating the Su-25 was appointed chief designer of the OS Samoilovich.

Su-25 off

The designers spent a lot of research and experiments, which allowed to choose the optimum layout of the new aircraft. According to the results of research and development were more than 600 samples. The first working prototype machines Su-25 was raised in the air at the beginning of the year 75. After the design tests and modifications of the aircraft was presented to the State Commission, which gave its approval for the manufacture and confirmed the high flight characteristics of the machine.

With 1980 years this machine was put into service in the Soviet army. A year later 12 these machines perform military operations in Afghanistan. The aircraft type Su-25 is relevant and useful combat unit, because the Ministry of Defense continues to order these devices. This machine is in the Air Force of the country will still serve to 2020 years.

Design features of the Su-25

This unit is created according to the high-plan scheme, which is equipped with two engines, while the machine is controlled by one pilot. The wing of the arrow-shaped form is equipped with reliable mechanization, which includes flaps, brake shields, manoeuvrable slats and ailerons. The aircraft has excellent qualities both in flight and in combat conditions. This was achieved due to the fact that the designers originally knew the specific purpose of this machine. In combat conditions, the aircraft has the ability to fly at very low altitudes, which allows it to conduct high-quality work on targets and at the same time be invulnerable to the enemy.

Su-25 wedge

The aircraft has a large number of titanium alloys at the heart of its design, which reduces the overall weight and thus provide excellent strength and armor protection. The cockpit is welded, which increases the safety of the pilot in the shelling. To improve the survivability of the machine designers had an elaborate system of tanks that will not explode even when hit by bullets and shrapnel.

In addition, all the systems of the aircraft is very well thought out and reliable, because they are completely duplicated, enabling efficient flight and continue the fight if one of the equipments. An example of vitality can serve even the control rod, which has a diameter of 4 cm, which means that a direct hit bullet in 12 mm caliber will not be able to kill her.

Su-25 Ukraine

The Su-25 equipped powerplant that consists of two motors which are disposed on either side of the fuselage and protected by armor, which in turn closes and fuel tanks. In addition to passive safety, the aircraft has a range of active techniques that work on the safety of the machine. For the active protection system is electronic countermeasures, chaff, and a system of heat traps. All these facilities and systems can raise the vitality of the machine to a qualitatively higher level in the combat operations.

The first machines Su-25 have propulsion, which was represented by two turbojet engines of the type P-25. This powerplant allowed to achieve traction in 4100 kgs. But soon these engines have been replaced by newer and more powerful. The engine of the new class had marked P-195 and gave the aircraft a thrust of 4500 kgs. The new engines were given not only more power, but less apparent in the infrared spectrum, which makes it easier to hide it from the enemy radar.

Su-25 volley

With regard to the chassis, it is composed of three poles, which are equipped with pneumatic damping shock absorbers in which the pressure is low. Due to the quality of the chassis and powerful powerplant can produce aircraft taking off and landing from unpaved airfields.

Initially, the Su-25 was created as a cheap but reliable car. As shown, the war in Afghanistan a little rely on the visual work of the pilots, because they can not all see and notice. Even intelligence do not give maximum effect to perform the operation. That is why the aircraft such as Su-25 began installing more modern navigational equipment, which made it possible to use the machine more efficiently and thus more damage to enemy troops.

Su-25 cabinSu-25 1 cabinSu-25 cockpit

With regard to the arms of the aircraft, it is powerful enough, because the list of weapons unit includes dual 30-mm gun, which is charged 250 cartridges. But the most powerful weapons hung on the outer wing. The total mass of weapons may be 4 tons. On the wings can be positioned a variety of bombs and missiles that are best suited for the tasks.

The characteristics of the Su-25

Modification   Su-25
Wingspan, m   14.36
Aircraft Length m   15.36
Height, m   4.80
Wing area, m2   33.70
Weight, kg of empty aircraft   9500
Weight, kg normal takeoff   14600
Weight, kg maximum takeoff   17600
 Fuel: internal fuel, kg   5000
Fuel PTB   2
engine's type   2 TRD P-195 (at first - Р95Ш)
Thrust, kN   2 x 44.13 (40.20)
Maximum speed, km / h at the ground   975
Maximum speed, km / h at altitude   M = 0.82
Practical range, km   1850
Combat range, km  
  on high   1250
  near the ground   750
Practical ceiling, m   7000-10000
Max. the height of combat employment   5000
Max. operation overload   6.5
Crew   1


Su-25 weapons


Armament Su-25:

  •  One 30-mm double-barreled gun GSH-30-2 in the lower nose with 250 cartridges.
  •  Combat load - 4340 kg on 8 (10) suspension units, normal load - 1340 kg
  •  Bomb load: Up to 8 laser-guided bombs, 8-10 500-, 250-kg bombs, 32 100-kg bombs, armor-piercing bombs, napalm tanks
  •  NUR: 8-10 PU UB-32-57 (320 (252) x 57-mm) or 8-10 240-mm blocks NAR type C-5 (57 mm), C-8 (80 mm), C-24 (240 mm) and C-25 (340 mm).
  •  PW: Air-to-Air P-3 (AA-2) or P-60 (AA-8) air-surface 25ML X-X-C and 29L 25L
  •  Containers SPPU-22 with double-barreled 23-mm gun GSH-23L with 260 cartridges.


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